Premier League Betting Tips

The English Premier League: The Biggest Betting Market

England is the birth place of modern football. Over the years football has changed a lot. And the football culture in England has been revolutionized. Football is in their blood. Today, England hosts the world’s most popular football league with the highest number of viewers, the English Premier League, also known as the Barclays Premier League. This league is the highest earner in the football world. In this league no expert can predict a winner with confidence.

The league started in 1888 as the Football League First Division. Later in 1992, the league went through massive reformation and got a new name, the FA Premier League. Now the title is named after the title sponsor Barclays. 20 teams contest for the title. Each of the teams battle each other 2 times totaling to 380 matches. Season begins in August and ends in May. Manchester United, the legendary club has won the title 12 times, the highest record.

The Barclays Premier League is probably the most unpredictable and exciting football league ever existed. That’s why; betting on matches in this league is a very tough job. For new bees it gets most excruciating. So, newcomers should rely on Premier League betting tips.

Betting Safe

Premier League soccer tips always suggest the less experienced people to go with the top rated teams. The Barclays Premier League is full of surprises. You can’t guarantee your favorite teams victory, no matter how big the club is. Still some come out victorious often. This year my Premier League tips say that the title race will be a 2 way. 2 Manchester clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City will again get into close fights for the cup. The third place will probably be secured by Chelsea. Still anything can happen since this is the English Premier League. Arsenal, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur will combat for the crucial 4th spot in order to qualify for the Champions League. According to the specialist Premier League live tips, probably Arsenal will smile at last.

Ultimate Underdogs

This year a few clubs have stolen the spotlight with innovative passing football mixed with clever counter attack. Swansea City, Sunderland and Norwich City have played brilliantly winning everyone’s heart. Michu, the Spanish striker playing for Swansea City is a real game changer. Sunderland too is showcasing some extremely promising players. Stoke City as always, remains the tough castle in their home ground. Norwich City is getting famous for fast counter strike based game play. Liverpool is still in troubling position.

Technical Strategies

Knowing the tournaments by heart is a must. To do well in this betting industry you must concentrate on Premier League winning betting tips, learn about the players and their styles, mangers and their strategies. The point table is always changing, so keep track. Update tour tactics with the help of Premier League prediction tips. The Barclays Premier League holds surprises and excitement in every step. So, be well equipped with expert Premier League to betting tips to secure your bet.

Learn how to bet on Premier League now from our top tipsers in the world.

Where to use our premier league betting tips?

You can bet online and offline, there is no restriction.

How safe are the premier league betting tips?

They are very safe and the accuracy is based on the membership type that you choose.

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