France Ligue 1 Betting Tips

France Ligue 1 Betting Tips - The France Ligue 1: Innovating Football
Europe is the biggest football hub on the planet. France is a major player in this area. Their Ligue 1 is currently in the 4th position of the most watched football competitions. This ancient football league was once home to the legendary players like Zidane, Ronaldinho and now the French Ligue 1 is dominated by another talented fellow named Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Previously, known as the ‘Division 1’ was inaugurated under the name National in 1932. After a year in 1933 the name was changed to Division 1. In 2002 the league got its current name. 20 clubs get to perform here and a total 380 matches are organized. Seasons run between the months August and May. The France Ligue 1 is currently ranked the 5th most powerful soccer league in Europe.
Since a major part of the football lovers aren’t very well acquainted with the French Ligue 1, betting on the Ligue 1 isn’t as easy as it seems. Things here are always changing. So, having a good detailed concept of the league is a must. Also one should follow good France Ligue betting tips to place successful betting.
Point Table Leaders
Newcomers must stick to the point table leaders and adopt expert France Ligue betting tips. Paris Saint Germain with its big findings were a major buyer in the last summer transfer widow. Their biggest purchase the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is paying back every penny the club spent on him. Paris Saint Germain is competing in the Champion’s league and Lyon is in the Europa League with great dominance. Right now they are the top team on the table with only a 3 point lead over Lyon. So, betting even with the leaders is risky. At present, Bordeaux is fourth on the table and holds a 4 point lead over Nice in 5th place.
Upset Makers and New Stars
Betting on the upset creators and rising stars crashing the powerful clubs is always profitable and fun. Big money runs on these bets. So, bet carefully. Know both teams very well, review their standings and recent playing quality. Finally make up your mind logically and place your bets. This year the task is twice the troubling. Saint-Etienne, Rennes and Montpellier are this year’s potential underdogs. These teams will combat for the 6th spot and later will try to confirm their qualification for the Europa league tournament. And of these 3 teams Montpellieris the most promising one with 6 wins in its last 8 matches.
Covering the Technical Preparation
One must be clever to foresee the possible outcomes. To gain this ability, you must concentrate on the league games, understand the manager’s intentions and strategies, understand how the players are acting upon opportunities and their styles. Keeping updates from the point table, from the top to the very low point is a must. Because the 20th teams is part of the league too.
The French Ligue 1 is quite complicated to make predictions. So, cover as much ground as possible and follow my France Ligue betting tips.

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