We have nothing to hide so that’s why we have decided to create a Disclaimer or Discolsure page where we state everything transparent. Our soccer betting tips site is generating revenue through the following streams :

  1. Membership Plans – You can view our betting membership plans here. This means that once you pay for a premium membership on our site, you will get access to top betting tips (soccer information) which can bring you significant amounts of money. This betting tips are compiled through thorough examination and it is based on statistics and much more. 
  2. Google Advertising - We are using Google Adsense as the only advertising network on our site. Google has a ton of advertisers across the world so we are using it in your advantage because getting an accurate advertisment which fits exactly for your location is our primary goal.
  3. Revenue Share – This is a share of profit offered by betting companies to us once we deliver them new customers. This doesn’t affect in any way your profits done in betting companies.

In this web page, you will find everything about our investments and interests in the best transparent way. This way you will be safe and you won’t have any doubts about a conflict of interests.

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