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daniel klein

daniel klein

Welcome To Live-Soccer.org

My name is Daniel and i am the CEO of the company. Our company worked for over 7 years in Football (soccer , to make it less confusing) niche over the internet. Our team is composed of Daniel K. , Martin A. , Petr J. and George L. and we are avid football lovers and when it comes to football it goes to betting.

During 2008-2012 we have earned (as individuals) earned over 3 million euros out of soccer betting. We are now doing it just for fun, as we have our own businesses running good and the money isn’t our primary concern at the moment.

At the end of 2012 , while we were checking our yearly betting financial we came across some websites providing “premium” tips for members. Then we have all sat and thought about making a site where we provide tips for members who pay us a small percentage of the winnings they do over our tips. Now you can see the result … http://www.live-soccer.org .

What we offer ?

Our experience… Betting is not just gambling. I would say it is 90% information and 10% gambling. Why we say that ? We don’t say it , our experience sais it all! So if you are purchasing a membership on our site , with a small investment you could recoup the membership fee in the first day of betting – fixed match betting is the proof. Let’s do the math (as it is our primary raw material in this business) : you purchase bronze membership for 1 month (325 euros) and with a bet of ONLY 75 Euros you would have made 1050 Euros. 325+75 = 400 investment and the return is 1050 and the profit is 650 EUROS in 1 BET! This is how we roll .

Unlike other sites in this niche who only provide text which can be manipulated after the final whistle , we provide screenshots of the betting ticket which was bought evidently before the start of the match. This way you will have a tangible proof that our bets were actually correct and we are not manipulating the tips presented in the site.

In the name of my team , i would like to thank you for stopping by and i trully wish that you will soon become our premium member!

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