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The soccer betting guide for the novice

Sports betting can be a good experience if you are able to read the odds and place bets wisely. Betting wisely can earn you lots of money in return for doing nothing much more than predicting certain outcomes of the game depending on your understanding and judgments and putting money on it. And while it is never too late to learn anything one should be careful in placing bets; after all no one likes ending up with less money. Once a person gets the hang of betting on sports he can be confident about the bets he places but till then he should know how big a risk he can take without ending up in problems. For people who are new to sports betting but are eager to get into it, here are few things to keep in mind while placing bets:

  1. Budget – One should always decide the budget of the betting carefully. A very high budget might hurt your financial situation if you lose and on the other hand if you plan a very small budget it will restrict you in certain areas.
  2. Distribution of the bets – One can never be 100% sure about what the outcomes of games will be. There are always chances that they might turn out the other way from what you expected, so it is wise to distribute the risks among different games.
  3. Selection of categories – There are many categories that you can place your bets on. Other than winning and losing one can also bet on the top performer, first player to score goal, margin of victory etc. Statistics show that the most efficient betting are those that are put on Result (Home Win, Draw or Lose) and Total Under/ Over Goals (Whether the total number of goals will be less or more than specified). Therefore it would be sensible for people new to betting to put their money on these two categories when they start out.
  4. Understanding the probabilities- The probability of a certain event occurring can be anywhere between 0% and 100%. If you can evaluate the probabilities correctly then you can correctly bet and win. Betting tips are available online as many websites offer them for free, which are really useful in evaluating outcome probabilities. One should take care as to see which site comes closest to accurate predictions by checking past predictions and outcomes of the real matches. Bigger differences between the predictions of the bookmakers’ and the online tips will result in bigger winnings.
  5. Fixed Odds – Bookmakers provide a fixed ratio for the amount of money you will get on placing the correct bet. On your winning the bet, the amount that you will win will be the amount of the wager placed multiplied by the fixed odds. For example, if you place a $100 bet on home win where the odds are: Home Win = 3.0, Draw = 2.5, Loss = 1.5 and the home side wins you will get 100 X 3.0 = 300$ or else on any other result you will lose the 100$ wager.
  6. Odds and probabilities – Adding the inverse of the odds given will not give you the bookmakers’ probabilities as they add their commissions to the odds and the probability will exceed 100. Subtracting a third of the amount exceeding 100 from the probabilities calculated from the odds will give the correct probabilities. It is advisable to find stakes with more than 3.0 odds and 40% probability to ensure more possibilities of winning.
  7. How to choose the bookmaker – You can make more money from bookmakers who offer the highest odds on outcomes that you want to place your bets on. Websites which give betting tips also show a list of bookmakers and the odds that they are offering. You can register and bet with the bookmaker who is offering the highest odds.
  8. Factors that might affect the game- While betting one should always take into consideration the factors that might affect the outcome such as injury to players, form of the team in previous matches, players being rested etc.

Worst Soccer Bets that Must be Averted in Soccer Seasons

Soccer betting has evolved to being a trade where money can be earned along with fun and excitement. Now while being involved in such activity, one has to keep in mind that if the bookies are not convincing enough, there is always a chance of disastrous soccer betting. Almost 80 percent of sports punters suffer from these kind of soccer bets and end up in misery and frustration. There are various reasons for the soccer punters to lose. The amateur punter relies on the agent or agency too much. It sounds insignificant but it plays a valuable role. So they may initially win games but when they take the chance of doubling up, they suffer defeat. There are bettors who actually have no A to Z knowledge of soccer but still invest money in hunger of bulk returns. This is acceptable as long as the bettor is having someone to back him up with the soccer knowledge or follow the play. If one desires to get involved in betting, he has to have adequate knowledge of betting angles, injuries, and handicapping, studying trends. Depending much on the bookies would be risky.

In England and Scotland, at the very initiation of soccer season, a popular bet is an accumulator on the assumed victorious team including the eight professional leagues. Among the leagues of these two nations, Championship, League 1, League 2, Premier League appeal most to the soccer lovers. Bookmakers offer lucrative terms of bets that actually work in their favor. Whether the punter is down or not, the bookmakers do not actually face any type of loss. These teams play over nine months, and hence give plenty of scope to the punters to prosper in betting. Any bookmaker would obviously be happy to lay trebles or more on soccer. As there is a strict restriction put upon the singles in betting so bookmakers are actually relieved from collusion between sides in one match. Betting now operates in accumulators.

Now, betting on the first goal scorer is considered to be the worst sort of football bet. There are various factors involved that decide as to which player hits the first goal. It is seen that a team which obtains the boon of most free kicks and penalty area, and is blessed with a number of defender scores the first goal. But in an open play, the offenders are seen to be first goal scorers as they spend quality time near the opponents’ goal. Now predicting the name of the first goal scorer or the team who would hit the goal first is really a tough verdict to issue. Betting on which side will score how many goals is next to impossible. But still punters participate in such type of betting and get robbed. Another deplorable soccer bet is getting the first scorer and assessing the correct number of goals. In order to get authentic guidance one must have complete knowledge about betting and seek online information and predictions to determine on which course he should steer his betting manoeuvre.

Soccer Betting Odds – Understand Them Well And Better You Win Chances

You would love to place a bet, but have a hard time understanding the different soccer betting odds. Does this sound familiar? Your research says that your favourite team is backed by 7/4. Are you now sitting back in the couch trying to figure out what those figures mean? It is high time that you understand the basics of various types of soccer betting odds. These betting odds tell you the probability of your favourite team winning against the rival team. Based on these figures, you can place your bets and win according to the results. Understanding the odds gives you better chances of winning. There are basically three main types of soccer betting odds. They are decimal, fractional and American. The names actually tell you how they are placed and played. Depending on which sport you are betting on and where the game is being played, you can switch between these different betting formats and have higher odds of winning. Understanding these formats will make it easier to place these bets properly, compare them and finally have some win money.

The most popular of all soccer betting odds are the decimal odds. Almost all bookmakers offer these betting odds, around the world. The decimal system used in this system is simple to understand. The decimal odds tell you how much you can win from a 1 unit bet. Know the bookmakers’ stakes before you make the bet to know what one unit stake means. This could differ at different places like 1, 10, or 100, etc. Two decimal places odds give greater accuracy in the winning results. So, to understand this better, if your stake is $10 for decimal odds of 3.00, then your returns are $30, which means, that your profit is $20.

Fractional odds are mainly used by the UK bookmakers. Though these odds follow similar rules as that of decimal odds, they are calculated from 1 unit stake. Unlike decimal odds which tell you your total returns, fractional odds tell you how much profit you have made on 1 unit stake. If the fractional odds offer you 2/1, it means that you are going to be paid two times for every unit stake. In the same way, 4/1 means that you get five times per unit stake. So, if your unit stake was £10, you will be paid £ 40.

One of the most commonly used soccer betting odds is the American odds. These betting odds are quite different from the other two. These odds are sometimes called as money lines. These are based on a 100 stake and give you either positive or negative outcome. If the odds are given as a positive outcome, you will earn a profit. This profit is calculated based on a 100 stake. Negative odds tell you how much stake you would need to make a 100 on that bet.

Decimal odds are the easiest ones and the most commonly used type of betting odds. If you are not able to understand the different systems of betting odds, the best way to go about it is to adopt the decimal odds system as the base. Calculate with this system and predict the winner to place your bets. Compare the odds through this system and win handsomely at the end of the day, using any type of betting odds.
Millions of people love to gamble on sports and place bets regularly. For this they need to strategically understand every game, and monitor the odds favouring a particular team in that game or event. As you understand the game and monitor the odds perfectly to know which team is the most favoured in that particular match or game, your prediction or guess becomes a reality. Once you master the betting odds, you will figure out how the odds are derived and will be able to make an informed prediction.

Opt For the Best Soccer Bets That Would Get You Reward Along With Contentment

Soccer betting comes with thrill and some adrenalin pushing excitement that would drive chill down to the spine. It will not only get one money but entertainment as well. Betting is not as simple as often thought of. Rather it requires close study and research to get the maximum out of it.

There are few rules and regulations which one must adhere to. In this current era, online betting has smoothened the way for the bettors. But one has to be pretty conscious while indulging in such activity. Online betting does not mean complete safety and security. While dealing in betting, the bettor has to expose his name, identity and financial data. There are various websites that would stealthily install malevolent codes on the user’s computer and can steal the personal identity while carrying out transactions with them. The right sites would come with accreditation from number of sports and sports related authorities.  Since soccer betting involves spending money hence the reviews of the betting site must be read and comprehended for utmost credibility.

In earlier times there was only one betting option – that of having single betting on a soccer match. But that rigorous betting system is no more applicable today. Rather flexibility is all the more accessible. Through online Asian handicap, betting has actually eradicated the possibility of ties using a handicap that dexterously forces a winner. The bookmakers fabricate a handicap for the weakest team in order to generate odds for each team which roughly comes with identical chance of winning.

One can go for small stakes and win small amounts and one can involve in risk by investing huge stakes. A full time bet enthusiast doesn’t give a second thought while investing four or five figure stakes. In case a huge fund is invested one should definitely take the advantage odds in certain circumstances. Now there is no dearth of gambling opportunities but the challenge begins when one seeks out the best one. All one has to do is to confirm which bookmaker provides the highest odds on each and every market.

Sites like Betfair provide adequate data on how bettors are making large sum of amount on a daily basis from betting on soccer. Apart from Betfair there are few reliable websites that offer premium betting services like Pinnacle Sports, Eurobets, Ladbrokes etc. Besides there are few betting forums that have earned incredible fame like SBR Forum, Covers Forum, the Betting Advice Forum, The Daily Punt, and The Punter’s Lounge. All punters have to be stuck to some strict discipline to accomplish their goal, that is winning the bet.

Now there are two types of betting on soccer – first where the punter identifies the matches and bets individually with assistance of betting system, srcond wherein one can depend on fantastic soccer betting tips. The free football predictions have to be taken into consideration with special attention given to weekend and midweek games and proficient counsel on the match in question. These advices would widen the chance of winning. The betting site must come up with versatile strategies that boost the winning chances. The Italian Series A and the British EPL, Spanish premier league, are the best soccer bet teams of today.

Understand How To Wager On Different Kinds Of Soccer Betting

Among all the sports betting activities, soccer betting is quite popular on a global scale. In Europe, soccer betting is quite huge and is given equal importance of professional football wagering in the United States. It is an extremely popular pastime, and for many it is a means of livelihood too. If you know how to bet or wager on professional baseball or on the matches of National Hockey League, then you would be comfortable betting on soccer too. Soccer betting too uses money line like the others; however there is one important difference. Unlike the other games, you can place a bet on either team, you can also bet on predicting that it will be a tie too! As there is an option to bet on a tie, you have to bet on the winning team, otherwise you lose the bet.

There are many ways to wager on the soccer games. You can bet on the result of a single game of soccer, which is by far the most popular one. You can include bets based on the future, called the proposition bets. Let us look into a few types of soccer bets and understand how they can win us money.

Soccer lines:

Usually a soccer line will display odds typically in this manner.


New York Red Bulls – 182

Draw + 230

Los Angeles Galaxy + 45

Based on these odds the bettors are supposed to place their wagers. For example a better places a bet on New York Red Bulls, he or she risks $18.2 for $10 bet. While the bettor backing the Los Angeles Galaxy gains by winning $45 for every $10 wagered, if that team wins that match. If a bettor has taken the option of betting on the outcome to be a draw, then he or she will risk $10 for the chance to win $23. It is very important to note that, as you can bet on a tie, it is essential for your team to win; otherwise you will lose the bet.

Let us look at the odds of another example soccer match:

D.C United + 140

Draw + 220

Seattle Sounders FC +150

When you look at such odds, you understand that both the teams are underdogs. As such a match would most likely lead to a tie; this is a very improbable situation in a soccer match.

Some other kinds of soccer bets:

The Total (over/under)

A bettor can choose to wager over a particular number of goals, or under a particular number of goals. This is possible as many soccer matches there may be a bet called the Total posted (over/ under). Typically the number given for these bets is 2.5.  It means that if a better is wagering over, then to win, his or her team would need to score at least 3 goals. At the same time, for a bettor who has wagered in favour of under, cannot have more than 2 scored goals to win the bet.

Proposition bets:

These are among the other kinds bets placed on soccer matches. Proposition bets are based on factors like time of the first goal, first team to score, the team ahead at half time. For a bettor, who is extremely knowledgeable on the teams and their games, these proposition bets may be quite profitable.

Future bets:

The outcome of such bet is dependent on more than one game. Future bets are wagered on the outcome of an event like the MLS Cup or the FIFA world Cup, etc. You can place a bet on the winner of these events even before the start of the season.


Review of football betting Bible by Stephen Ward

A majority of football gamblers are bound to lose their money in the long-term. But still, it is possible to make money in betting and many people have become successful bettors. One has to know the techniques. The Football Betting Bible provides you the valuable information which is essential for making long-term steady revenues. If you go through the book, you will get to know about each price and event; you will know whether to gamble and also how much you will bet on any occasion. The book will guide you on the ethics of value betting. Some of the topics included in the book are:

  • Why most bettors tend to lose money even when the price remains in their favour.
  • How you can compensate for commission.
  • How you can trade on betting relations for locked-in profits.
  • How much will you bet to make the most of your profit?
  • Betting psychology and how to make the correct decision and more in the list

If you are looking for a little more understanding on the world of soccer betting, you will definitely enjoy the Football Bible by Stephen Ward. Stephen Ward runs the Football Alchemy site. The Football Bible is available in Kindle version. The book consists of eight chapters and covers all related topics on football betting. You will find all of them extremely useful. You can study the basics of soccer betting and thus you will become expert football better. You can also go through the information of finding value bets. The solid guidance will assist you a lot. At the end of the book, you will come across ‘The Golden Rules of Betting’.

According to the author, these are some essential tips which should be followed by each and every sports gambler. Certain information might prove to be quite advanced to you, but you will not face any difficulty in understanding those. The explanation method of Stephen Ward is without any doubt, simply great. If you purchase this book you will have the whole lot of football betting at your fingertips. The book provides in depth understanding of the complexities of soccer betting. The book is a well thought out one and before writing the book the author has done detailed research. If you study the book properly and follow the step by step instructions, then no one can stop you from becoming successful.

The book can prove to be helpful to beginners. The book will help them to master the knack of football betting and thus they will be able to create unfailing profits. If you are a football bettor and you are not able to accomplish prosperity, then you should not waste your time anymore. Simply start reading the book. The book will teach you to take on a betting strategy and you will become conscious of the various factors so that your gains are maximised. You can reduce all your threats. You can confidently place every bet. You will be equipped with the necessary skills and you can bet like a professional.

The book is available at an affordable cost of $ 6.50. You can also go through the PDF version. You have to spend a small amount and you will be able to learn how to make your football betting a lucrative venture.

Types of Soccer Betting

There are different ways of wagering on a soccer match. Some people make bets on the general outcome of a match while there are others who bet on the specific details like the number of goals made by each player in a match. It is important to understand the various types of soccer betting to avoid losing money and maximize one’s gains.

There is also a difference in soccer betting that takes place in the United States, United Kingdom, Asian and European countries. In certain cases, though the betting methodology is the same, the terms used to denote them are different.

Money line also known as match odds, 1X2, or American odds is the common type of bets. It is also the easiest bet where in you choose an amount and bet on three different options – home win (1) away win (2), and draw (X).  In case you win, you get back your bet and also your winnings. Winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake with the odds.

Straight bet or a single is betting on individual selection wherein you will have to choose the exact outcome of a particular match to win.  Multiple is a bet that offers huge returns but is fraught with greater risk. It combines two or more bets and each selection has to win to get returns or you lose. Double and treble are multiple bets on two and three selections respectively.

Having multiple bets on four or more selections is referred to as an accumulator. Accumulators are named after the number of selections they contain like fivefold, sixfold, sevenfold etc. Multiple bets are also referred to as parlay or combo. Unlike in a normal parlay, the bettor stands to get a reduced return even if some of his selections lose in a progressive parlay.

Proposition bets are bets made on specific aspects of a match like whether a particular player will score in a match, whether a goal will be made in the first or second half of the match, number of passes made, goals scored etc. For example, goal line or total goals is a bet in which a particular number is chosen and betting is done based on whether the total goals scored by both teams will be over or under that number.

First goal, half time, full time, half time / full time, first goal scorer, last goal scorer and anytime goal scorer are different types of proposition bets. A teaser is a bet in which the bettor combines his bets on two or more different games. Draw no bet is a bet wherein you choose one of the teams to win but get your money back in case the match ends in a draw.

Scorecast, also known as first scorer/correct score double, is one of the most popular bets among bookmakers as the chances of winning are low. The bettor will have to get the first goal scorer and the correct score of the soccer match correct in order to win.  Asian handicap is a type of soccer betting that is popular but slightly complicated and is mostly preferred by experienced bettors.

Advanced Soccer Betting Strategies

Soccer is thought-out to be a very thrilling and exciting sport. Every moment of soccer is an excitement – from the calculating lines of attack of the players to the unpredicted results. Now-a-days, an increasing number of soccer fans and even casual sports buffs are involved in advanced soccer betting. In soccer betting, you can outshine with incessant discipline, acquaintance and self-control. You can win decent amounts if you play wisely. There are numerous advanced soccer betting strategies available which will guide you a lot. You can earn rewards without dropping a penny. You can study the following soccer betting strategies and enjoy great success in almost all the games.

  • You should work out on the team list of the squads and it is advisable to do your homework very well ahead of time. Thus, you will get to know about the good players, their crucial positions and what kind of aggressive tactics they are going to adopt against their opponents.
  • You should have enough idea on the injury reports of the teams. It will assist you in deciding as to which team will win against the other. News about injuries can prove to be rewarding in soccer. For example, suppose a player fails to pass in the fitness test and he is the star striker of the team. Then, you can very well imagine about the condition of the team. You can visit the soccer websites and you will come to know about the injury news.
  • Another strategy is to obtain awareness about the back-up system of each and every team.
  • It is advisable to study in detail about the past history of both the groups and then only you can select the most appropriate one. You have to check out the most recent winning specifics of both the teams.
  • The impetus of the teams should also be checked. You should not rely merely on the histories of any team. You must try to find out each and every reason as why a team lost in a particular match etc.
  • Before you switch on to betting, you need to gather passable information about the squadron.
  • It is sensible to bet on the amount which you are having. Your bet should not go above the amount you have.
  • Timing is considered to be very important in placing your soccer bets. You should not place your bets too early. This can end your probabilities of winning the bet.
  • Unfortunately, if you lose a bet you should not become expressive. You must aim in playing competently applying your brain and not your heart.

In order to succeed, you can subscribe to wired soccer betting strategies. You will find lots of soccer betting tips and tactics and thus you will be able to place your bets fruitfully. You can enjoy respectable and prosperous victory over others. Your dedication is also significant in this case. Many people are seriously looking to make money from soccer betting. It is possible for anyone to earn good money from soccer betting but you must know the ambiguity in the system in order to become successful. Soccer betting involves lots of risks and so you should remain cautious always, you can also take help from an expert. An expert will always guide you in all possible ways.

Importance of Statistics in Soccer Betting

Soccer is a very popular sport across many continents. Therefore, the amount of money involved in soccer betting runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. It is but natural for anyone to aspire to win in soccer betting. Though it is impossible to predict with certainty the exact outcome of a particular soccer match, the use of statistics will make the task of assessing the relative strengths of competing teams much easier.

Bookmakers and regular bettors depend on a variety of sources to gather all possible information relating to a soccer game. Irrespective of the source of information, use of statistics to analyze the game and players from various dimensions is inevitable to boost one’s chances of winning in soccer betting.  Statistics enable the bookmaker to maintain balance in betting between different contestants while it helps the bettor to make an informed decision.

Statistics are compiled keeping in view the various factors that influence the outcome of a soccer match. There are social, psychological, environmental, climatic, and physical factors that influence the final result of a soccer game. Previously, it was the bookmakers who called the shots as only they had access to vital information which they tweaked and twisted to confuse the public and profit from it.

However, the increasing usage of the internet, social networking sites, and blogs has created a level playing field.  Online journals, RSS feeds, soccer blogs and websites dedicated to soccer betting carry out statistical analysis and this information is available to both the bettors and bookmakers at almost the same time.

A particular city or stadium, nature of the turf – grass or synthetic, weather conditions, physical fitness and performance record of individual players – these are some of the points on which statistical analysis is generally carried out.  A very good team of players with splendid performance on home ground might turn out be a bunch of losers overseas.

Statistical analysis by gathering information about the outcome of previous matches played on home soil and foreign land will enable one to refrain from betting or placing a bet on the best team. Statistics relating to individual players and their performance record in the previous one year is also very important as the presence or absence of a particular player could make or mar the winning chances of a team.

Ranking and rating systems are two different statistical approaches for predicting the outcomes of football matches. Teams are accorded ranks based on their past performance in ranking system. The team with the highest ranking is presumed to be the strongest and has higher chances of winning in a soccer game.

The demerit of this system is that it only takes into account the average strength of the team and does not factor in the changes in skill sets due to change of players. Rating system takes into account various factors and is continuously updated based on the changing indicators. Poisson distribution, negative binomial distribution, and recursive Bayesian estimation are various statistical methods used to predict results of soccer matches. Confused at the mention of these seemingly Martian terms? Don’t be, you’ll have routine encounters with them once you get into the thick of things as far as statistics are concerned. In fact, once you are adept at using these advanced statistical analyses, you might just turn your mathematical expertise and gaming enthusiasm into a fortune!

Be it a veteran bookmaker or amateur bettor, there is no denying the importance of statistics in soccer betting. Unless the bettor is doing it for fun, it would be utter foolishness to splurge hard-earned money on betting in soccer matches without the aid of statistical analysis.