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Paid football tips

The most accurate winning Soccer Betting Tips! Subscribe for a superior degree of reliability and profitability. Our #1 priority is for you to win. has assembled some of the world’s best tipsters to leah you in your battle against bookies. Each tipster was specifically selected to provide you with complete knowledge covering the majority soccer leagues, ensuring the best profits for you and of course the best soccer tips. To get you out of confussion, we provide football or soccer tips which reffers to the European football.

About Soccer Tips: An Overview

About Soccer: An Overview – Soccer tips description

If you are used to betting on soccer and losing, you can agree that it is very frustrating. You put the highest stakes on the bet and you just lose it to someone else. The labor that you put in acquiring the cash just goes down the drain. Well you are not alone in this. There are just one too many of people like you, fans that cannot get on the favorable, winning side of a soccer bet.

To your relief, you can use some help with a soccer betting guide. This is a kind of booklet that has soccer tips that you use for you to ensure that for a moment in time you share in the joy of winning a soccer bet. These guides are written by people who have had an experience on the game, soccer betting, for sometime. This is not all they need, they go to the extend of conducting intense researches and consulting soccer analysts and players themselves so as not to miss put on any single detail. In other cases, they can engage a psychologist. In case you are wondering how bookies manage to drain money from your pocket, this is how. They ensure that they use all available and crucial resources to predict the out come of a match. Of course you are comfortable with all the above but one that is quite confusing, is a shrink. You must be wondering, why on earth would a bookie need a shrink?

They use their services to kind of read your mind. Say for instance if the team that you support and love is playing. It is your nature that you will bet on it even if the chances of winning the game are zero. This is where a shrink is important. They are the ones who will figure out such facts. Therefore the bookie in this case will for sure bet on the other team so as to make sure that you place a good bet and in the process loss, and loss big for that matter. Just as you can bet soccer online, so can you get soccer tips all thanks to technology.

Keeping track of the scores that your favorite soccer team scores on a series of games is very important. This will help you easily predict the results of future games and hence place your bet wisely. Another thing that you need out check out for when betting on soccer is the changes that have occurred in the team in a certain period in terms of management, switching of players and the like. These factors can lead to a very different outcome of future games.

As much as soccer betting tips outlined in any soccer betting guide are helpful, you should not follow them blindly. You have to analyze the soccer tips given to determine what is misleading and useless and what is not. Compensate on the losses you have made over the years of betting on soccer by using the best soccer tips in guides.

How Betting Odds Are Calculated For Soccer Betting?

The winnings are calculated by multiplying the time of used betting odds. But how actually the betting odds is even about?

The odds at online bookmakers are placed in the bookmaking department. The bookmakers have to estimate the probability of the occurrence in an event. To accompany these estimates results in the betting odds.

First is the bookmakers called “fair odds” on.

In order to illustrate the advantages and computing courses follow the example of a 3-way bet, and 1-X-2-bet called off.

We assume that the bookmaker estimates the occurrence (s) as follows:

Event Probability of occurrence (s) Declaration
Team 1 e = 68% Team 1 wins with probability of 68 percent.
Draw e = 20% Match ends with 20% chance to draw.
Team 2 2 = 12% Team 2 wins with probability of 12 percent.


If you add up the probabilities of the three possible endings (68 + 20 +12), then there are a total of 100 percent.

The fair rate is now calculated from the formula: Fair Odds = 100 / s

In our example, the results are as in the following ratios:

Event Fair rate computation Declaration
Team 1 1.61 Fair rate = 100/68 Fair betting odds = 100 / e – e is in Example 68
Draw 3.70 Fair rate = 100/20 Fair betting odds = 100 / e – e is in Example 20
Team 2 9.09 Fair rate = 100/12 Fair betting odds = 100 / e – e is in Example 12

* Rates have been rounded to two decimal places

The so-called “fair odds” makes the bookmaker’s real rates, as the bookmakers could make no gains at fair odds, because the loser would have to pay all the money to those who have won a bet.

The fair rate is multiplied with a value, therefore less than 1.

The formula for real rates would be: Reliable betting odds betting odds x = Fair (number <1)

Multiplying the fair betting odds, the bookmakers with 0.9, this means that 90 percent of the stakes again pours out. It keeps an even 10 percent. In 0.8 it would retain 20 percent of the bets and pay out 80 percent as profits.

To illustrate, we consider re zoom our example:

Event Fair rate Real rate Formula Computation example
Team 1 1.61 1.45 Fair rate x (number <1) = real rate 1.61 x 0.9 = 1.45
Draw 3.70 3.33 Fair rate x (number <1) = real rate 3.70 x 0.9 = 3.33
Team 2 9.09 8.18 Fair rate x (number <1) = real rate 9.09 x 0.9 = 8.18

*Rates have been rounded to two decimal places

This shows that a bookmaker for sports betting pay back a large part of the sales to the customers and only a small part of the operations deducts as profit. With the retained operations, refinance the Bookie’s expenses, such as personnel costs, costs for the preparation of the site, etc.

As explained above, there are odds of certain formulas. However, these have always assessing the bookmakers for the chance of an event as a basis.

This means that the bookmaker, often simply called Bookie always remain on current sporting events at the date and have a good knowledge. So it might happen that the bookmakers make big losses on a bet.

In general, the odds for favorites are longer recognized before an event is relatively high, since a large part of the (high) bets are made ​​on the favorite and therefore the odds are reduced when reaching certain limits to the overall risk.

For bettors, this means that they can use a favorite bet typically to generate higher profits if they make it as long as possible before the sporting event.

Which Sportsbook Has The Best Odds?

Frequently we are asked for the bookmakers with the best odds – the greatest chance that a bookmaker has placed among the top providers – here we want to elaborate on this important topic.

Of course there is not a single bookmaker with the best odds ever for all kinds of sports – but there are, without a doubt, a number of bookmakers, who are known for very high rates for certain types of bets and pull through this line consistently.

When you tap on favorites like ‘Win at Soccer Betting’ then in most cases, try to find the provider with the best odds, or at least in the top tier of any comparable odds bookmakers!

However, if you like to bet on an outsider and often with high rates, then Betfair is not recommended - Betfair or Bet365 are the best choice!

More choice means higher odds

The more bookmakers you have to choose from, the better your chances are to get the latest on the best available sports betting odds for your bets tip

You may have betting accounts with all providers and place your bets to find wherever the best rate is found. If you regularly pursue you might guess that this is usually at the bookmaker William Hill, Betfair, Bet365, Sportingbet and Unibet .

How important is the percentage ratio?

The percentage of quota key tells you what theoretical margin of bookmakers schedules - the higher the ratio the lower the key profit margin of betting company and vice versa. The average ratio of all bookmakers is at about 93% – that is, the bookmakers are planning a theoretical margin of about 7% of the bets. Several years ago, the rate was still at much lower level, with the increasing competition between the bookmakers but average odds are the increased accordingly.

If you want to bet on a certain team and are looking for the best odds, then the quota offered for you is actually not relevant. If you want, for example, tap a Bayern then you are on the lookout for the best winning percentage - by the bookmaker offered odds and the resulting odds for a draw are in this case for you to be completely uninteresting.

Otherwise, the story is, of course, you are looking for so-called value bets. In value bets, do not look for a particular team, but after a betting rate is higher than the probability that the corresponding result arrives. If you as a tennis game are of the opinion that both players have an equal 50% chance to win the game then the ratio would be 2.0 appropriate for both players in your opinion. If at a bookmaker, one of the two players are at a higher rate than 2.0 offers then you have a nice value bet.

When you bet so do not value bet on your general belief that a certain player is better and will win – but you bet on your assessment that the proposed rate is excessive. And now to the point of the thing: the chance of finding a bookmaker, a value bet is naturally greater, the higher the offered quota and thus the total quota level is high!

Briefly giving the general idea of bookmaker with the best odds, one can say that if you want to bet on certain teams or players, then it only counts the best odds and the entire quota is for you to be completely unimportant. If you browse the betting line for value betting, then you will find certainly more often at a high rate bookmakers such as Bet-at-home, Bet365 or Betfair.


Sports Bet of the Day

For those individuals who are just starting out with sports bet of the day betting may be confused by the many aspects that goes in to being a successful bettor but the fact of the matter is it can be profitable if done right. You will need to gage the sports bet of the day by doing the required research to make a successful prediction on who is going to win a specific event.

Choosing the Right Team 

When you are looking to make a prediction on a specific event or game you need to research the teams involved before you do anything else. You will need to look at the history of both teams which should include their wins, losses, key players, coaches and the venue. How do these play a role in predicting the outcome?

Well for starters if you look at the history of each team and one team has 10 wins out of the last 15 games they have played while the other team has only had 7 wins out of 15 then the odds are in the favor of the team with the most wins. Now venue may not seem like a big deal but a team that is playing on its own turf usually have an advantage because they are familiar with their setting and know the ground and any mishaps or issues with it which allows them to steer clear of specific things. Most teams that are playing on their own turf are also more confident giving them the courage and spirit to play better because they are being watched by their own.

Key players make the team play better so look at any recent changes in the players or injuries that may cause them to play worse than normal. All of these aspects may seem small but together they can mean a win or loss for you and your bets. Even the coaches will play a part in the team winning or losing because a successful team usually means a successful coach which is working hard to keep them in shape and prepared with new game strategies.

Create Your Prediction

Once you have researched all of these factors you will sit down and go over everything as a whole and then create a sports bet of the day prediction which will help you to decide where to place your bets.  By doing this before every game or event you are enabling yourself to make informed decisions which will pay off when you are consistently adding money to your bankroll.

In the event that you are using paid sources to help you make predictions you should always listen to what they have to say but do your homework and then compare both of the predictions to see if they support each other or if there is a discrepancy between the two. This helps you to become a better strategic better over time and soon you will be creating all of your own predictions and placing bets that hold risk but earning because you did the calculations and know the odds.

Soccer Betting Predictions

If you are like many spectators that enjoy the game of soccer you are looking for soccer betting predictions which can help to earn you a few extra bucks on an upcoming game.  The fact of the matter is that thousands of bettors and spectators from all around the world are trying to formulate a successful prediction for the upcoming games and events of their favorite teams. This may seem like a daunting task and at times it may seem tedious but can pay off if you are able to create a successful prediction.

Talk to the Pros about soccer betting predictions

There are companies and individuals who are experts when it comes to soccer betting which makes them a good place to start. You can find various websites that offer useful information on how to gage and make successful predictions. In order to be successful you will need to follow the advice of those who have been doing it for years and then do the research yourself and compare the two.
What does this mean? Simply put you will read and listen to the predictions of the experts and then you will do the research needed to either agree or disagree with their predictions. If they predict that a specific team will win you need to look in to the history of that team including their wins and losses for the past few years, key players, the coaches and anything related to how the team plays. Have any of their key players been injured since their last game or has their success changed since someone left the team or became injured? In addition to looking at their history you will also need to look at the history of the team that they will be playing.  There are many factors to consider when determining how and who to place your bets on. Even if you have a favorite team that doesn’t mean that they will be the winning team in the end which will require you to possibly bet against then even if you don’t want to.

What are those soccer betting predictions?

The soccer predictions are tips made by professional bettors which predicts the outcome of a match with high accuracy. In order to get a perfect betting prediction you have to research & analyze all aspects of a future soccer game. The work starts at analysing the condition of the team,players and the weather. There are more insight scoops to analyize like : which teams performs better on a certain weather, which team performs better on a certan field, which team has a higher morale. Then the report goes further more on analysing the current standings of both teams. Which team needs the points ? Can they get the points ? Are there any missing key players ? This factors will weight very much in getting an accurate soccer prediction.

Where to buy soccer predictions?

We would like to answer your question by saying you arrived at the perfect site! We are a team of professional tipsers who are very succesful and very skilled in soccer. We have a vast experience and our results speak for themselfs. Professional tipsers usually only work at thoroughly reports about the teams. After we finish our reports , we confront them with the whole team and vote. Then we release the predictions to our members.
If you would like to compare us with the competition feel free to do a search on Google soccer betting predictions . There you will find a lot of sites providing same service but they are not even close to our experience and our skill.

Other aspects of soccer predictions

Venue can play a part in who wins or loses as well. Many bettors don’t think that something this simple would matter but in fact teams that are playing on their own turf have the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the grounds and want to make their hometown proud so will often play harder than normal to ensure they are successful. If neither team is playing on their own turf it will make the playing odds even in that aspect since no one has the upper hand.
No one wants to give away their money so it’s imperative that you weight your options and make an informed decision based on all of the information that you have gathered about the teams.  You should always decide on whether or not you want to go the safe route with less risk which will pay the least amount of money but protects you or go with something that is riskier and offers the best return with the chance of losing it all.
The best way to get the most accurate soccer betting predictions is by buying them from a reputed website. This way you will have a clear image of who is providing you the predictions, his history, his winning bets and so on. Free soccer predictions in general are bad. The main reason is that you don’t know who is offering those predictions.
We will update this page with our best soccer betting predictions weekly. Make sure you bookmark our page in order to have access on a daily basis on our tips & predictions.

Soccer Betting Odds

For those who are looking to bet on soccer will need to learn various aspects about betting and the game itself in order to be successful. Soccer betting odds it is the first lesson everyone should know when they want to get involved in soccer betting. Whether you are novice better or someone who has been betting for long periods of time it is difficult to profit if you are not familiar with soccer betting odds and other similar dynamics that can help you to win or lose.  You need to understand the main types of betting odds, grasp the concept of how to play correctly and anything related to betting properly. Without this knowledge you will never be more than an occasional punter that will lose more money than you earn in the long run. Fortunately, learning the betting odds can be simple for those who are willing to take the time to learn everything there is to know about the odds of soccer betting.

Types of Odds

There are 3 main types of odds that you will come in contact with when placing bets which are known as fractional, decimal and American. These names help to describe in the form that the odds are written. Depending on the type of sport that you are betting on may require you to switch back and forth between the odd formats. By grasping the concept of each of the soccer betting odds you will enable yourself to easily compare the bets and place them accordingly which will help to put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

The decimal odds are the most popular by far of all of the soccer betting odds and are offered by most bookmakers online and off. It’s fairly simple to understand this particular betting odd because it clearly states the amount of money that will be gained from a wager of one unit.

The fractional odds is the second most popular in soccer betting and is often found by bookmakers in the UK. While these particular odds follow the same as the decimal odds which is figured from a one unit stake, it differs in the matter that it holds a different meaning. This soccer odd lets a punter know the amount of profits that will be returned from the one unit stake instead of the total amount.

The third soccer odds or the American odds are much different than the other two. These particular soccer odds may be referred by some punters as money lines. They are based on a hundred stakes and will let the punter know of a negative or positive outcome. If the outcome is negative then the odds would tell the amount of stake is needed to make hundred on the bet while it would tell the amount of profit that will be earned on a hundred stakes if written positively.

Of the 3, the decimal odds are by far the easiest and most widely used amongst soccer bettors and spectators.  It may seem like a daunting task to understand the odds and how to use them but by adapting the decimal odds and using it for most of your bets will allow you to use it for comparable and ultimately earn more in the long run.

In Play Betting Tips

There are various techniques when it comes to betting on soccer but the in play has the best success rate with the 1.01 bet. This particular technique was originally introduced because of the betting exchanges. This opportunity takes place when the odds of an outcome or team in which you are choosing to bet on shorten to the lowest increment amount possible. Basically for every $100 that you bet in return would earn $1 which isn’t that great of a return but offers a great strike rate.

For those bettors who frequent the in play soccer betting markets, this is the best possible bet available for those who prefer to win more often than not regardless of the amount of earnings.  Many bettors shy away from this particular method because it has a small return but requires a higher stake but can cost them winnings. It can be a mistake for bettors to choose not to use this method by using more risky methods in hope of winning big but only to lose in the end.

The fact of the matter is that for those who truly want to profit will require patience because this method will allow them to profit long term. While the earnings are low per each bet eventually it will begin to add up over time giving you the profits that you have always wanted. However, for those that choose to go this route will need to bet substantial amounts in order for it to be worth it. If you are only betting $10 and the winnings are $.10 then it is a waste of time. You should consider placing bets that are $100, $500 or even $1000 in which the return would be $1, $5 or $10. Over time those profits will grow and can be used for other betting methods if you wish to change at a later period.

Choosing In Play Live Trends

There are many online companies that offer useful live in play betting trend s which can help you to choose with method to go with and to make informed decisions on what teams and events to bet on. Obviously the more you know about each team such as players, history, venue and more will better your chances of placing the right bet.

Watch & Bet

Having the ability to watch how things are going in a game instead of hoping for a win is very beneficial. You will have the ability to feel out how things are going and use your intuition on how to proceed and with the in play betting strategy. There are many aspects of this that is appealing to novice bettors which is why it has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Regardless of how you choose to bet keep in mind that you need to research each team and event that you are potentially interested in betting on and take only risks that you think you can be successful in. Placing bets that offer a high payout is worth it if you are able to gage or predict a successful outcome.

How to bet on soccer

Sports’ betting has grown into one of the most popular hobbies for people from all around the world. You can easily place a bet on your favorite soccer team at your local casino, online or even from your mobile device which has helped to draw interest from new potential bettors. Soccer is one of the most widely watched sports in various countries which make it one of the top sports that bettors prefer to follow on a regular basis.  For those who are looking to learn how to bet on soccer will need to do a few things in order to get ready for their first bet.

Setting a Budget 

You will need to create a bankroll for yourself in order to keep track of the finances. Determining a budget should be based on how much you can afford to lose. Even if you are lucky with your first few bets it’s only natural to lose as well so only spend money that you can afford to lose. That’s not saying that you will lose it all but you want to stick with your budget and decide the max amount that you will bet when the time comes. As a rule of thumb new bettors should stick to a budget of $1000 or less. You should spend no more than 5% of your entire budget on any single bet.

Choosing a Category and Calculating the Odds 

When you are first learning how to bet on soccer you may be confused by the categories that is available but a novice should start with only the two basics which are Total Under/Over 2.5 goals and Full Time Result. The Total Under/Over 2.5 basically means when choosing whether the total amount of goals scored in each match will be over or fewer than 2.5. The Full Time Result means choosing 1 of 3 possible game outcomes: Away Win, Draw or Home Win. There is statistical proof that shows by choosing one of these 2 categories is the most effective so stick with this until you are ready to venture elsewhere.

You will need to understand what the odds of each event as well by researching the history of the teams involved including players individually and as a team. You need to understand the connection and importance of odds and probabilities which will help you to make successful and educated decisions for each and every event.

Choose a Reliable Bookmaker

The best bookmaker will be the one with the highest odds for the outcome that you are choosing to bet on. You can easily find a variety of bookmakers available online by doing a bit of research but make sure to only choose those who are recommended by previous or current bettors.

Moving Forward

Once you have found your bookmaker you will need to find a stake that has winning potential as well as choosing your leagues. You will want to compile a list of the best tips that you have found available online and by other bettors which can help you to make the best guesses on each event. Once you have all of this you will be ready to make your first bet.

How to bet on football

Learning how to properly make and place bets on specific sports may seem like a daunting task and it can be trying at times. However, ever novice had to start from somewhere which means that everyone needed guidance at one point in their betting history. For many bettors the game of choice is football which means you need to learn how to bet on football properly in order to protect your money and actually earn off your investment.

Understand the Game

The first rule of being a successful better is learning about the game that holds their interest. Since football would be the game that you are interested in you will need to watch it as often as possible so you understand the terms, plays and the basics of football. This will allow you to make an informed decision and be able to follow along once you have made your first bet.

Learning the Terms of Betting

Whether you choose to bet on football or another sport it’s imperative that you educate yourself about how betting takes place, how you win, how you lose and the odds of your calculations.  The term “spread” is one of the most common terms that you will ever hear when betting on football which is why you will need to learn it and the many others that go along with sports betting.

Setting a Budget

When you have decided to bet on football for the first time you will need to set a budget which will help you to keep track of your spending. You will be able to see the winning and losses as time progresses and you place more bets. It’s best if novice bettors start out with a small budget and place only bets that are low in risk just so you can get the hang of how things work. As you get a better understanding of how to bet on football you can increase your bet amounts and take bigger risks if you are confident with your choice.

There is always a risk when betting on any game so it’s important that when you are placing a bet on your favorite football teams that you go not only with your gut feeling but the teams that have the highest wins and have the odds in their favor.

Taking a Risk

Betting on football can earn you a big profit if you create a working system for yourself. Keep in mind the bigger the risk the more money you will win in the case that you are right. Basically if you place a bet on a team that has the highest odds of winning you will earn a small amount of money but if you choose the underdog which has the odds against them and they win the payout is going to be much larger. You earn a bigger payout because there was more of a risk involved meaning that you were more than likely to lose but for whatever reason you chose right and are being rewarded for it. When a push takes place that means you don’t win or lost anything but will receive your original bet back.

How to bet on football games

With more and more people being attracted to what sports betting have to offer it’s no wonder that more companies are catering to the online bettor audience. If you are looking to learn how to bet on football games there are many reputable sites that can give you the ins and outs of how things work and advice on how to get started. There are tons of things that you will need to know but the first thing you need to do is learn the basics of how to bet on your favorite teams.


Before you find a place to actually place bets on football you will need to create a budget for you. As a novice you should start out with a fairly low budget such as $500 but no more than $1000 and choose to make small bets such as 5% of your entire bankroll amount. There are different types of bets that can be made so you will need to familiarize yourself with those as well to ensure you are making the right decision.

Where to Place Bets & What to Place Them On

Once you have created the bank roll for your football betting you will need to choose teams, events and a place to bet. Many bettors already have a favorite team or teams that they are interested in betting on so if that is the case you will need to compile a list so when looking for a company that allows football betting you can look for those specific teams. Every site or company is different so you may want to consider signing up for more than one to help you get started. Many of them offer information for their bettors and tips on how to successfully bet which is beneficial to novice and regular bettors alike.

Learning the Types of Bets

Before you can bet you need to learn what type of bets are available and determine which ones will work best for you. The straight bet is when you wager on only one game or event instead of several. You can may choose to bet in favor of the team with the best odds or the team who is considered the underdog or even the over or under of the final score. Another bet which is common in sports betting is the over/under which allows you to choose the over or under of the game score. The under or over is a bet on the final score which will be totaled at the end of the game by adding the scores of both teams for the final number. When betting the over you are betting that the amount will be over the final score while betting the under means you are betting that the score will be under that final amount.  A parlay bet is basically a single bet that helps to unite together the end results of more than one event or game. The parlay can vary depending on a series of bets on over/under bets, series of bets on a team or a mixture of the two.  In order to win with the parlay bet each of your individual plays must be correct.

Once you set your budget, chosen a bookmarker and teams or events to bet on and gained an understanding of how football betting works you will be ready to place your first bet.

How to bet on a football game

When it comes to learning how to bet on a football game one may think it is simple but in fact it takes research and many hours of formulating an actual system to help you make successful predictions and wagers that will help to earn you money. If you are looking to place bets on your favorite football teams you will need to learn the ins and outs of how things work before ever making your first bet.

Create a Budget

You will need to create a budget in which you can afford for your new hobby. You can bet with as little as $10 but if you plan on actively betting you should start out with a figure of $500 but no more than $1000. By starting low you will be able to keep track of your betting, winnings and losses as time passes by. When placing wagers you should consider wagering only 5% of your budget total on any single bet. You should also stick to bets that have a low risk involved to help protect you until you have a better understanding of the bigger risks.

Creating Multiple Accounts

Once you have set your budget it will be time to choose teams and choose a place to actually place the bet. Many local casinos offer sports betting but most bettors prefer to use online companies or even to bet using their mobile devices. There are various places online in which you can choose to bet from so you may consider opening more than one account to give yourself access to different teams, platforms, tips and bonuses which are often offered to new bettors. These bonuses tend to come in the form of free bets or free predictions which will give you an advantage starting out because you can test the platforms to determine if you are happy with the setup.

Do Your Homework

Setting up your accounts and choosing teams is a good start but you need to also be educated on the various aspects of betting such as the types, the risks of different types of bets and learn to research the teams that you are interested in. Once you have studied the actual aspect of betting and the odds for each type of bet you will need to look up the yearly statistics on the teams you are interested in betting on. This should include all of their wins, losses, key players, coaches, injurers or anything else that may impact how they play. This will help you to determine what teams to place a bet on as well as how much to wager.

The Risks

The one thing that every new bettor should be prepared for when betting on football games is the possibility of losing. No one wins all the time so you need to understand the risks that are involved each and every time you bet. Some bets have bigger risks than others so you need to only bet what you can afford to lose. If you are still learning the ropes its best if you stick to wagering on games and events that have less risk until you are confident that you can predict the outcome of harder games.

How to bet fixed matches

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When it comes to finding fixed matches that have the odds that you are looking for you may be tempted to place extremely high bets but remember to stick with your rule of thumb and betting practices. Before actually betting on a fixed match you need to understand what it is and what it pertains in order to make an informed decision on if this is the right betting method for you.

A fixed match is basically a predetermined outcome between the teams or event which has yet to happen but will benefit all of those involved. This can be a partial result which tends to be less obvious or a full result which can draw more attention by law enforcement. Basically the individuals or teams involved which often include the coaches or even refs to sacrifice the game for the sole purpose of financial gain. Typically a fixed match isn’t just a thrown game but several possible factors that help to play up to that part such as an injured key player or substituting the strongest players for whatever reason. In some cases the players will intentionally get themselves taken out of the game.

What can fixed matches offer bettors?

If you are interested in placing a bet on a fixed match you will need to find a bookmaker that offers these kinds of setups and bet discreetly since these types of matches are forbidden. Most companies don’t openly address that there will be a fixed match so you will have to do the research needed to help find the fixed soccer matches of your choice.

There are benefits to betting on a fixed soccer match if you are able to pull it off. Obviously you will know the outcome of the game so have the chance of winning money in the event that you choose and place the right bets. In order to successfully place your bets on true fixed games you will need to find a provider that can give you the tips and insights that you need on upcoming fixed matches.

Purchasing Fixed Match Tips

When it comes to purchasing tips and placing bets on fixed soccer matches you need to make sure you only purchase from reputable providers. You may want to do the research needed to find providers that have a high success rate in providing other bettors with what they are looking for and helping to build their bankroll overtime.

The one thing that you don’t want to do when betting on fixed matches is to go overboard because it makes you stand out and can cause you quite a bit of trouble legally and financially. If you are caught betting on fixed games especially if its proven that you knew ahead of time you can actually face jail time or large fines so make sure that you are always discreet and do not become a greedy bettor. Betting on fixed matches can provide you with a decent return if you are able to successfully get the tips you need and place the correct bets.

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How to bet Asian handicap

Asian handicap betting is one of the most popular ways of betting for many soccer players especially those who are located in specific areas of the world. It can offer bettors a strong value and typically holds less risk than other betting styles. In order to bet you must choose either choose a favored team that will overcome a specified handicap or oppose the favorite that has been given the handicap.

Benefits of Betting an Asian Handicap

There are many benefits to choosing to go this route with the main one being the high percentage of winning that it offers when compared to traditional forms of betting. You basically are going to bet on two possible outcomes which is the away team or the home team and the draw is always eliminated.  You can earn more and win even when the team loses the match or has a draw and have the ability to get more returns from each of your stakes on the matches.

The bigger the difference in ability between the two teams involved the more goals that you can expect the top team to earn which means there will be a bigger handicap to overcome. The less favorable team will be given an advantage to start with such as a 1 ball handicap or one of the other options available by the more favorable team.

In the event that the handicap given is 1 then the top team will need to overcome the handicap indicated and will always be preceded by a minus. Since the unfavorable team will be given a handicap it will be added to the final score and will always be indicated with a + beside it.

A good example would be if using a 0.5 handicap for the underdogs which would start the game with 0 – 0.5, also meaning that the draw has been eliminated.  In this scenario the top team will need to win by at least a 1-0, otherwise the underdog will be deemed as the winner with any other outcome.

Placing Your First Asian Handicap Bet

Learning a new betting strategy may seem like a daunting task and at first it may seem tedious but for someone looking for a new challenge without much of a risk this may be what you are looking for. More and more people are choosing to go this route regardless of the location that they currently reside in.

If you are looking to place bets by using an Asian handicap you may have to look for specialty bookmarkers in order to find what you are looking for. There are quite a few companies online that cater to those bettors who prefer to go this route so it will be a matter of finding one that offers everything you are looking for.

Keep in mind though while it may have a less risk as with any betting method it’s important that you stick to your normal betting habits and only wager a percentage of your bankroll on each bet. For novice bettors you should bet no more than 5% of your entire bankroll amount.

Fixed Soccer Matches

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For many spectators and bettors the thrill of betting on the game is being able to make an informed decision on what the outcome will be. There are millions of people from all around the world who bet on different sports but soccer remains one of the top sports sought by fans and enthusiasts alike. However, what if the outcome was predetermined and there was no really guess to the game? Would people still bet on fixed soccer matches?

What is a Fixed Soccer Match?

The terms fixed soccer match is as simple as it sounds. Basically it’s an event in which the game is predetermined which means there is a winner already chosen and that the game will be thrown by the loser. Typically when there is a fixed match it’s because there is a financial gain to be had by the players, coaches, bookies and others involved but how often it happens is a bit harder to determine.

Benefits of Fixed Matches

While choosing to fix a match is frowned upon by many people including the law enforcement there are reasons that teams choose to do it. First of all if there is financial gain for the teams its thrown to help one of the team finish in a specific spot, thus enabling the team in question to avoid playing a possible match against top seed teams until a later date. This can happen quite often during big game seasons or championships.  Some teams will choose to go with a fixed match because it can allow better pairings and favorable schedules in the next season.

Who Fixes the Matches?

The matches can be fixed by various individuals including the coaches, refs, players and anyone else who stands to earn in the predetermined game. There are times when a matched game doesn’t actually mean deliberately losing the match by playing until there is a draw or fixed score which naturally benefits both teams. It can help both soccer teams to advance on in a competition which would be why they chose to go with a tied match instead of losing it completely.

Betting on Fixed Matches

Even though soccer betting should be done on games that are legit with no interference or predetermined outcomes, there are fans that choose to bet on fixed games as well. However, since these specific types of games are hard to come by without coming up in some type of legal trouble it is your choice on whether or not you want to move forward with betting. Not all bookmarkers will allow this type of betting so if you are interested in betting on fixed matches you may have to seek out games that are taking place and will allow betting on them.

Keep in mind that as with any type of soccer betting you need to weigh your odds and calculate the risks that are involved when betting on fixed matches. You may want to consider looking at what bettors are doing including the pros before making your final decision.

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Betting Tips Soccer

There is various betting tips soccer sites that promise to show you how to win every time but we all know that isn’t realistic. Whether you are a novice or an old pro at soccer betting you know that there will be times when you win big and there will be times when you will lose a lot but you need to learn how to manage your money and to bet accordingly so you are less likely to lose more than you win. You should definitely look for providers that can give you vital information and pointers but ultimately you should make your own decisions.

Create a Realistic Bankroll and Goals

The average bettor doesn’t have millions of dollars to waste so before you ever start betting on any sport you need to set a realistic bankroll for yourself. How much money do you make per month and what can you afford to put towards this new hobby or investment depending on your ultimate goal from soccer betting.  Most people will tell you to only bet what you can afford to lose and really that is what you should live by because spending your mortgage payment or car payment to bet is not wise. By setting a budget for yourself it helps to create discipline for yourself so you are not overspending and it allows you to track your losses and winnings.

Realistic goals should be how much you want to learn about betting on soccer and an amount of earnings that you would like to achieve by a specific time frame. While everyone wishes to become a millionaire overnight by simply betting a few dollars is not realistic and neither is thinking that you will win all the time. Everyone loses at one point or another but by being realistic and realizing that your bets should be placed by researching the teams and statistics of any upcoming events you can help to put the odds in your favor.

Open More Than One Account

Many bettors have at least two favorite companies that they like to place bets with which is a good thing. If you are just starting out you will be eligible for bonuses that are offered to new bettors in the form of free bets or free advice and predictions. It can also help to give you the chance to bet on the best odds available on specific teams and events that will be taking place. Also not all places will offer the same teams so if you like variety you will have that by opening more than one account.

Betting On Singles

For many bettors they prefer to sway towards accumulators due to the potential to earn a ton of money but in reality they tend to cause you to lose money especially if you are still learning the ends and outs of soccer betting. Novices should consider betting only on singles until they get a better grasp of the sports betting world because it has a proven track record of being more successful for long term bettors.

How to Get the Most Out of Accumulator Football Betting

If you are interested in turning your knowledge about football into a decent gambling return, but don’t know where to begin, then accumulator betting is definitely going to be something you’ll want to understand. An accumulator is essentially a bet where a number of outcomes are chosen, and as they come in, the calculated winnings roll onto a bet on the next outcome in the set. In football, you generally do accumulators based on match winner, rather than rolling in more complicated predictions like scoreline, first goal scorer and so on, so on a given weekend you might place a five match accumulator that says you think Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton, Swansea and Tottenham will win, and if they all do, your bet will pay out.

Why Accumulator Betting?

Accumulator betting is the only way to get a really good return out of simple match winner predictions. On their own, bets on a given match winner don’t tend to return very good odds, so while you may be sure Arsenal will win on Saturday, if this is going to give you back evens or less, it is hardly worth betting on, unless you want to risk a huge stake. If you want to get a better return, you either have to complicate your prediction beyond just an Arsenal win, and go for things like scorelines, goal scorers, number of corners and so on, or you have to roll up that bet on Arsenal with some other match winner predictions. Accumulators can give really great returns, and all you have to do is decide outcomes, you don’t have to get into riskier predictions.

What Happens if All But One of My Predictions is Correct?

The downside to accumulators is that they are essentially all or nothing bets – and it can be pretty heartbreaking if you miss out on a huge payout by just one result. Imagine your five bet accumulator has been correct so far, and you are watching that fifth game. If the team you picked wins, you’re going to make a profit of hundreds, and they are up 2-1. Then, in the 90th minute, the other team equalises. You’re not going to be happy! Most accumulator gamblers will have a few stories about the player or the referee who cost them a small fortune like this, and while it is really just par for the course when it comes to sport betting, there are some options you have when you put the bet on that can ease the pain.

Multiple Bets

If you have an accumulator in mind, and want to cover yourself against the scenario there where one result can ruin everything, then consider a multiple bet. This means you not only bet on the accumulator, but on the various combinations of correct outcomes you could have. If you want to bet on four matches, this means you put a bet on the fourfold – i.e. all four being correct – but you also bet on the four possible trebles and the six possible doubles. This particular style of multiple bet, where four predictions are made in a combination of 11 bets, is called a Yankee. You can also include singles in this bet if you want to, turning the Yankee into what UK bookmakers call a Lucky 15 – a multiple bet consisting of 15 bets.

Betting Techniques To Determine Amount Of Betting

Most players lose in the long term because they can not manage their money well. Often, the bettor increases your bench with a good run or good odds. The professional player does not waste their profits after a good run, waits their chance and exercises with perfect control of money. The average player usually has good knowledge when making predictions, eventually squandering their profits and starts to bet more frequently and in greater quantities.

There are several techniques that allow the player to decide what amounts to bet: Martingale, betting series and Kelly method are the best known. The first two include various fallacies and Kelly method is not useful in practice, but significantly broadens the perspective to the bettor.

Specifically designed for Roulette, Martingale system has a high risk that is double the amount bet every time you lose or back out when the bet is won.

Example: Initially bet 100 euros on a 2.00 quota event. If you lose, you double the bet 200 euros on a new quota event 2.00. And so on. Suppose you win at the third attempt. Since, it was posted in total 100 + 200 + 400 euros = 700 euros, and claimed 2 x 400 euros = 800 euros, you get a net profit of 100 euros.

A common belief among bettors is that the Martingale method is infallible, and that the bookies avoid it by limiting the maximum bet or the maximum gain, but the method itself is false and certain ruin later or earlier.

It includes several fallacies. should understand perfectly:

  • Limited money: For starters, it is assumed that the bettor has an unlimited amount of money when making their bets. In practice this is impossible, and the effectiveness of the method becomes an illusion.
  • Geometric Growth: Doubling time after time causes a geometric growth of the amounts involved. Suppose a player loses eight consecutive times. A similar slump is certainly unusual, but also inevitable if played often. Then, in the ninth move, he will need to wager 256 times on the initial amount. But think hard: Can it be a tolerable risk, for example, 25,600 euros to win only 100?
  • The role of chance: With the Martingale, the player believed to have complete control of the game. If chance is favorable, merely to collect any winnings. If chance is unfavorable, the player adjusts its strategy to reverse the course of actions. This “absolute control” of chance is only an illusion. Returning to the example where a player loses eight consecutive times. As much as the player believes that the amount of your next bet (256 times of the initial amount) is part of a smart plan, the reality is that the amount of your bet has given the chance. Purring the chance led him to lose eight consecutive times and puts you in the unpleasant duty to bet a very high amount in the potential benefits. In short, Martingale planning method is not true, but a way to determines the amounts to bet.

Betting series
Without going into detail about this complicated technique, the method of betting in series, originated from Germany, is similar to Martingale. The fundamental difference is that the amounts bet increase linearly and non-geometric, which significantly reduces the risk and ruin the player. But the player is at an illusion similar to the Martingale.

Nelly Method
Any method based solely on the progression of the amounts, is doomed, but sometimes intuition tell us otherwise. The Martingale, betting is the serial method or any other method imaginable inevitably ends in bankruptcy.

A conceptually different approach is presented by the American mathematician John L. Kelly, because it takes into account the probability of each outcome and, at least from a theoretical point of view, this method is consistent.

Kelly’s theory to determine the optimal amount to bet on an event is as follows if you know the exact probability that the event occurs:
Percentage = Probability – (1-Probability) / (Fee -1)

Percentage is the amount to bet, as % of deposit available to the player, and is calculated from the estimated probability of the event. Since you bet a fraction of the total available money, the method of Kelly avoids dramatic losses and, unlike the Martingale, it tends to reduce the amount to bet when you lose and increase when you win, which is equivalent to a real economic planning rational.

The World Of Accumulator Bets – Big Wins And Big Losses

Welcome to the world of accumulator bets. Have you ever heard of the reward and punishment system? Yes, these bets work in the same way- you can get rewarded for the win, and punished for the losses. Accumulator bets are multiple bets, the more you predict and wager right, the more you win. To get the payoff, you need to place bets on multiple outcomes together. Many games offer accumulator bets, but football accumulator bets are the most popular ones. As the number of people placing soccer bets is increasing, more and interesting ways of betting are taking shape. As football betting attracts the most punters, multiple bets add different dimension to the betting fun.

Who likes the accumulator bets? A person with guts, who seeks thrill and love to spend the money for the fun and action associated with the game. If the above though excites you, you are the perfect person to play the accumulator bets. Betting on these can pump the adrenaline and take you to new heights of thrill. This type of bet is any betting punter’s dream. Win big with small stakes! In an accumulator, beware that the odds are always against you in high proportion. But as big is the risk of losing, the bigger is the payout, if your guess is right. Here, the more you choose, the more you are risking. However, if you take an example of 10 premier League matches, predicting the correct results for three or four out of them is a Herculean task. Accumulator bets have double, treble, fourfold, fivefold, etc kind of bets, and the payout is also given in a similar way.

Do you want to know how the stakes become multi-fold in this type of bet? For example, let us assume that you have won a threefold bet. The accumulator bet is paid in the following way – the three selections are multiplied to calculate your payout. If the three selections were 2.8, 1.5 and 1.3, your profit would be calculated based on the stake x 2.8 x 1.5 x 1.3. This is how the accumulator bets pay you huge amounts of money if you win. If the above example is calculated on a $10 stake, the payout would be $54.60

Accumulator bets are fondly called as ‘Accas’ by the experts. It is said that in this type of bet, the chances of winning are very less when compared to the losses. But many punters believe that accumulators pay off in a big way and are great fun to play. Though these are high risk bets, you can handle the risk with some smart thinking. These are like any other kind of betting, only the risk is multiplied many folds. So the caution also needs to be multiplied as many times.

When a normal punter gets hold of an accumulator betting card, he first gets overwhelmed by the selections. If he does not give it a good thought, he might be choosing the wrong teams for the wrong reasons. Betting on favourite teams is one of the most common things you would expect any bettor to do. If you are not thinking through about the odds, your money is down the drain and into the hands of the bookies. Take your time and add the teams that you have good knowledge about. Leave the favourites out, if they are not in form. Also understand that select only a few teams to increase your odds.

With the thrill comes the stress. Accumulator bets can be stressful, as you need to wait till all the matches have been played to know the result of your bet. It may be bad for your nerves and keep you on your toes. To know if you have won big or lost big, you need to wait till all the results are out. Enjoy the game and do not let the nerves bother you.

Soccer Betting- Be Smart And Bet On Underdogs

It might sound a little strange, but underdogs are the favourites of many. An underdog upsets the odds and produces one of the greatest sports moments in the history – haven’t you witnessed this often? More often than not, placing bets on the underdogs gives you pleasing results. Betting on the soccer underdogs is definitely a smart winning strategy that many vouch for. If you feel that betting on underdogs might not be a good option, think again. Betting on them gives you high odds. Usually, the status of underdogs comes tied up with very high odds. Taking advantage of this situation to make some profit is the smart thing to do. Underdogs are the most preferred betting teams throughout the soccer season. Some of the reasons why you should pay more attention to them are:

1. Usually, the favourites have low ranging odds, similar to 1.70 to 1.85. When you are thinking of betting a huge amount like $1000, then, these odds do not help you a lot. Such odds give you a maximum profit of around $700 to $825.  With such odds, there are more chances of a loss than profit, when you bet a few times in a day. Factoring in the wins and losses of the favourites, you might more likely end up with a loss of a few hundred dollars. So, betting on the favourites does not actually give you profits!

2. Underdogs are not important in the public eye. They don’t get the needed respect from the public or from the opponent teams. They are underrated and not given any credit for their talent. Good teams always underestimate the bad teams. But, history proves that underdogs have created some major upsets in the game, which makes them ideal for betting.

3. Many times popular teams get undue credit, as they are the favourites of the public. The pushing lines are high, just because they are popular and not because they have a better chance of winning. With good research about the team form, you can understand that the not so popular team might have a better chance at winning the game. Do not get carried away by the public opinion, as it is not the right indicator of a winner.

4. Without the right knowledge and research, many bettors are not brave enough to bet on the underdogs. People tend to go with the public and mistake a popular team for a better team. These opinions are usually based on their recent gambling losses, because of poor judgement. If you go with the right situational and statistical research, you can definitely spot the underdog of that week. There are many instances where the perceived bad teams have performed well and have over-achieved. If you look at such situations, the favourites have performed miserably and the bettors have lost money due to the fact that they went with the public opinion.

Obviously, this doesn’t always mean that every underdog is a potential winner. However, if you do the right research and spot the underdog with high potential, you can have better chances of winning that week. For Cup Matches, you can use one interesting betting strategy. Choose around 5 best games, where the first league teams are playing against a team from the lower division. Obviously, these first league teams do not have great interest in playing these matches. Pick the best 5 games and bet on the underdogs that have high odds like 7.0 or more. This way, you can get at least one winner or more in those 5 matches. This is one strategy you can adopt to get higher profit returns when you bet on underdogs.

Understanding soccer betting odds

Sports betting, especially soccer betting is a very big industry. Ability to read the odds being offered by the bookmaker can help you bet wisely and make money while almost doing nothing more than sitting back and enjoying watching a soccer match with your friends. On most sports websites these days, one can find links to betting sites or the odds being offered. Odds can be described as the probability of some event occurring. In betting terms, odd can simply be described as the ratio of money that you will get in return for the amount of money that you bet. The three main types of odds that you are most likely to see while placing a bet are decimal, fractional and American.

Decimal odds are the most popular form of odds being offered and are used across the globe. For greater accuracy most decimal odds come with 2 decimal places. The decimal odds are pretty simple to understand and show how much the total return will be from a bet of 1 unit. The return will include the winnings or profit as well as the wager placed. So, if the decimal odds are 5.00, the return on $10 placed will be $50$, 10 that was placed as the wager and 40, the winnings. The unit stake or the lowest amount needed to place a bet might differ from place to place. The next most popular form of betting odds is the fractional odds. This form of odds shows the bettors how much profit can be won from a placed bet of 1 unit. Supposing a bet of 10$ is placed on odds of 4/1, then the total returns will be 50$, 40 in profit and 10 which was the wager placed. The third kind of commonly used form of betting odds is the American odds which are also known as money lines. Money lines are based on 100 unit stake and can be written in two ways. If written positive, the money lines show how much profit can made off a bet of a 100 stake or else if the odds are written in negative then it shows how much bet should be placed in order to make a 100 profit. Betting websites provide services that help convert from one type of odds to another so that you can easily calculate the wager and the returns that you will earn.

Some terms to keep in mind while betting are:

  • Odds – The likelihood of certain events occurring in the game or outcomes of the game. They are generally given by the bookmakers, based upon their understanding of the game and they’ll accept bet against these odds.
  • Stake – The amount of money that you are placing on a bet.
  • Odds against – Bets where the returns are more than twice the stake money.
  • Evens – Bets where you will earn a profit of the same amount of money that you wagered.
  • Odds on – Bets where the returns will be less than double of the money that you are placing.
  • Long odds – The probability of the event taking place is very less.
  • Short odds – The probability of the event taking place is very high.

What’s there for you in soccer betting?

Betting on soccer is turning out to be a big industry. With ads and the internet reaching out to thousands of people, the growth in the soccer betting industry has been tremendous. One only needs to look at the boards in soccer sponsorships, hoardings or the internet to know the extent of its popularity. Apart from bringing out the fun in games, betting on sports provides an easy way to make money if you are fairly good in predicting the outcomes of the games. All it takes is a fair amount of understanding of the game, circumstances that might affect the outcome and knowing where to place your bets and you could be well on your way to making lots of money doing nothing more than predicting the correct outcome. Of course, you don’t have to have knowledge of the game to place a bet; you can take help of sports tipsters or software that helps you decide the odds taking into account several factors that might affect the game. And while having knowledge of the game helps, there is absolutely no reason to think that lack of knowledge will put you in the backseat behind the other bettors.


Soccer betting is the top in British sports betting industry. Every week people place bets on soccer games. Bets are not only placed on the winning or the losing team, but on every aspect of the game such as the number of goals that will be scored, who will score the first goal, what will the goal difference and such. The numbers of punters that place bets on soccer reach millions on certain days and even though the highest numbers of bets placed involve low amount of money, enough profits are generated so that the handouts can be handled  and also to keep the betting industry going. In fact, small bets suit most people as they don’t lose much on a bad day and can expect a good amount of return on good days.

Betting on games makes them all the more fun, lively and brings out the passion for the game in the people. It’s not like you even have to visit the bookmakers to place a bet, online betting brings the bookmakers right to your doorstep, so to say. These days almost every bookmaker has realized the advantage of online betting and provides services online. You just need to find one or a few bookmakers who provide high odds as the handouts that they give will be higher than that of bookmakers who offer low odds. You can take the help of online tips on how to place bets and there are experts who analyze games and players to provide pretty accurate probabilities. One way to select a good tipster is to check on previous predictions and match them against the real outcomes to see how much accuracy can be expected of these tipsters. Taking advice from tipsters who are correct most of the time will help you make money. Apart from these tipsters, there are also software that will help you evaluate the outcomes taking into account the various factors that might affect the outcome such as injury to players, players being sent off etc. With the magnitude of soccer betting and all the guidance that is available to help you make decisions as where to place your bets, it only makes for the easiest way to make money.

What is the best winning strategy of soccer betting?

Want to improve your chances at winning soccer bets? Get ahead of the game and know the betting strategies well. You can also take help from certain guidelines, as the game of soccer is highly unpredictable. The fun of the game lies in its unpredictability, which makes betting more fun. Ask yourself this- are you betting to win or are you betting for fun? Whatever your ulterior motive is, you are trying your best to beat the bookie and make some money. What are the strategies for higher winning chances? Be confident, and clear about what to bet and how to bet. Understand certain basic guidelines and ensure that you are prepared well to make that bet. So, what are you waiting for, read on and bet away!

Know your team: Know all about the teams – their recent performances, their recent form and shape, their recent match reports, etc. Study their patterns, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and try to get information about their records and evaluate them without any bias. Observe any changes in the quality of their games in different seasons. Is their performance influenced by internal or external changes? Are they playing better on the home ground, when compared to their ‘away’ games? Be informed.

History repeats: Many games have witnessed this- history between two teams invariably repeats. Check if there is any history between the two teams. There are high chances that the history is going to repeat.

Be abreast with the latest news: Are there any recent suspensions or injuries that are going to affect the performance of the team. Keep yourself updated about the latest news and happenings in the teams. If injured players are being replaced, know about the new player’s records thoroughly. Do not overreact, but try to make a realistic assessment of the injury. If a manager is being replaced, try to find out if it is going to affect the morale of the team.

Bet on motivated teams: Motivated teams definitely perform better. Know how motivated the team is, and how important it is for them to win that match. For example, if the team has already come to the play-off spot, then they might not have complete focus on winning this game, but might be more interested in the play-offs. Look out for avenging teams or teams facing a must-win situation, as they will be highly motivated.

Be informed about their schedule: A team that has been playing matches back to back might be tired. If they have lost many of the recent games, they might be de-motivated. Know their schedule to understand their mental status better. This might influence their winning strategy for this game.

Some of the best winning strategies involve the knowledge of how much you can bet. Do not stretch your limits. And, do not chase your losses. Do not bet on teams that you do not have any information on. Sometimes, public opinions might not be the right, bet according to your strategy and not the public favourites. Betting on league matches gives you a better shot at winning, as these matches have a bit of consistency and stick to the boundaries. Season beginnings are highly unpredictable, so try to avoid heavy betting during that time. You will know more about the team’s form after a few initial matches. The best strategy is to analyse and not be over-confident. As results in soccer games are highly unpredictable, certain amount of strategy definitely helps you make better judgements. Compare the returns of different bookmakers, multiple bets or accumulators to get the best returns. Bet in normal amounts and only when the odds are in your favour.  And the most important of all strategies, quit when it is time.

How does sports betting work?

Betting has been around for as long as the human society itself. Some bet for fun while others take it seriously and view it as a means of making money. In the field of sports alone, there are so many sports that you can bet on and under each sport there are different categories of bets that you can place. Sports betting is legal in Europe while in the US and some other countries it is not exactly clear on which side the law stands. With the increase in the population of the internet users, sports betting has taken a leap in its popularity as people can have access to bookmakers from anywhere and place bets on any kind of sports that they prefer. From all the sponsorships and the ads one can only make out that sports betting is a pretty big industry and one that is still growing.

Understanding how it works is pretty simple as it is much like placing a bet with your friends. You place a bet on the probability of some event occurring when your friend is of the opposite opinion, then you will get your wager plus the profit if your prediction comes true or else you lose the wager to your friend; in sports betting though it will be the bookmaker who offer the odds. Bookmakers are the people responsible for taking the bets and giving out the winnings or profits besides offering the odds. The odds can be described as the probability of an event or action taking place, for example the likelihood of any month being July is 1/12 or 1 against 11. In sports, bookmakers analyze the game in advance taking into account the various circumstances that may affect the outcome of the game such as the players, the place where the game will take place, statistics of previous matches etc and predict events that are most likely to take place. These predictions are the odds and bookmakers take bets against them.


You can either visit a bookmaker in person or online and place bets. In online betting you need to have an account with the particular site that you want to place bets with. Apart from the winners and losers there are many more areas that you can place bets on such as the top performer, number of goals, margin of victory etc. In order to win a bet one needs to beat the bookmaker, much like you need to beat your friends in predicting an occurrence of an event when you bet with them. And that depends on your ability to read the odds being offered or evaluating the chances of certain events occurring and choosing to place money on them accordingly. High odds might mean more winnings but the chances of that event occurring will be less, and betting along with the crowd always is less risky though the odds then will be low. There are many categories in which you can place your bets apart from the winning and losing team and they are number of goals, goal difference, player to score first goal etc. The various numbers of games and the all the categories for each game provide a wide range of options and make betting interesting and entertaining. The advent of online betting has made it easier for people to place bets from anywhere in the world, provided they have an account with the bookmakers they want to place bets with so that payments can be made either through credit cards or online transaction. Bettors can take the help of online tips and suggestion to figure out the chances to beat the bookmakers at their published odds.