Choosing a reputable gaming site and how to get started

If you are going to be playing games online on a regular basis, you need to know you’re safe. Most sites out there are fine for you to play on but it can never hurt to use a bit of extra vigilance, especially if you intend to spend money with a site.

The brands you know

You may know bingo and casino sites from their real-life counterparts. These are often a great place to start as you know they are legitimate businesses. For example, mecca bingo is one of the largest bingo brands out there and they have their own website where you can play all sorts of games.

Speak to friends

You probably have friends who love to play games online. Speak to them about the sites they use, any bonuses they’ve received and the sorts of games they play. Personal recommendations like this are a great way to find a reputable gaming site to play on. You and your friend may also get some free money to play with if you put them down as recommending you.

Read reviews

If you’re still not sure then take a look at some online reviews of sites, such as Online Casino Reviewer. Do bear in mind that not all of these are going to be good but if there’s a huge amount of bad reviews then perhaps stay away. What you need to look for is anyone complaining about disputes over withdrawals, bonuses not being paid out and, especially, card fraud.

You’ll soon get an idea of what a site is like and if you feel you can’t trust it then don’t use it.


Every site where you pay money to play will offer a bonus of some kind. This might be matching your first deposit, giving you free money to play with at the start or giving you extra cash bonuses the more you play. Choose the site that works for you. The free play sites are often the best for beginners as they allow you to try out a website and its games before committing any money to it.

Types of sites

Think about the games you want to be playing. Bingo, poker or an role-playing game? The games you want to play will dictate where you go for your fix. Before you sign up, take a look around the site of your choice and see if there are games on there that you really want to play.

How to get started

Once you’ve chosen the site you want to play on you’ll need to sign up. Makes sure to use the username of anyone who referred you as it may mean a bonus of some sort for at least one of you.

Look online for promo codes that give you an extra bonus if you’re on a site that requires a deposit.

Before you get stuck in, take a look around the website to get your bearings. Once you’re familiar with the site and its policies you can start to play!


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Choosing a reputable gaming site and how to get started
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