FC Nürnberg Werder Bremen Tips

FC Nürnberg take on Werder Bremen to play on 18.05.2013 in Bundesliga.
The match between FC Nürnberg and Werder Bremen will be aired in live streaming on our site.
Goals and highlights of FC Nürnberg vs Werder Bremen be posted right after the match.
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FC Nürnberg-Werder Bremen odds & betting advice

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FC Nürnberg has a slight advantage over Werder Bremen and they are expected to win.
The best bet on FC Nürnberg vs Werder Bremen would be ….. and is the safest soccer tip.

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Match : FC Nürnberg – Werder Bremen
Betting tip : ***********
Odds : 1.5-16
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FC Nürnberg Werder Bremen Tips
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