Pokerstars Review 2013

pokerstars reviews

pokerstars review 2013

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Pokerstars review – the most accurate review of the best poker site in the world. Read users opinions,deposit bonuses,promotions,freerolls and much more.
In this article, we will review Pokerstars poker room with advatanges and disadvantages and we will try to go through all problems that you have encountered on their platform. Understand that this is an objective review done by our team based on their experience with Pokerstars. Please rest assured that this review and all reviews performed by us are done obiectively with no hidden interest. For this reason we leave the comments open and we will publish all addnotes sent by our readers. Please send us 5 pros and 5 cons regarding our future article Pokerstars pros and cons .


The Reviews on Pokerstars

If you’re into playing poker online either for real money or just for fun there are few sites which are better than Pokerstars.  This is one of the most popular of all the online gambling sites, and it is no surprise why.  The site works extremely well with fast load times, beautiful graphics and very simple game play options.  You can play on one table at a time or load up multiple games to have even more fun. We all know that Pokerstars is the largest and the most respected poker site in the world. It is the place where you can really win big with small deposits. They offer a variety of tournaments which cover all types of poker (Holdem,Omaha and Drawing Poker) . The action takes place every day at every hour. We will go in a step by step guide and Pokerstars review so you will completely understand how the software works and we will try to troubleshoot your problems. We will update this page once a week in order to add new reviews about Pokerstars from our visitors. If you are a poker player then soccer betting is for you also. We recommend visiting soccer tips page and sign up for a membership on our site. We will provide you the most accurate soccer tips so you can make some good profits on sports betting. Why not use some of your poker winnings as an investment to make more money?

Update of the Pokerstars review May 2013 – it is SCOOP time!

Pokerstars has announced the official schedule of SCOOP 2013 (Spring Championship Of Online Poker). It includes few more events than the last SCOOP and there are new games to be played. The tournaments will be for everybody as they have three buy-in levels (Small Medium Large). Every new poker player or even recreational , can play few SCOOP events now and then with a small bankroll just for fun. Who knows , maybe you can be the new SCOOP champion. The SCOOP2013 series will start with a 6-max tournament with low buyin:27 , medium:215, high:2100. We definately recommend you to spend some of your poker bankroll in this type of series as they have the best tournament schedule. We wish you best of luck!

How to create a Pokerstars account?

First of all you will have to download the Pokerstars software from here
Then you will have to sign-up in the software and complete the following fields. After you are done the process of creating the Pokerstars account is over and you will be able to play for real or play money to practice.

create pokerstars account

pokerstars account

You have to fill the accurate personal details. After you fill them , make sure they are 100% accurate because once you will deposit, the verification team will ask you to provide scanned documents (utility bill, bank statement,card front-back).
If you have a Pokerstars bonus code (marketing code) you will have to enter it in the field highlighted in this screen shot:


Pokerstars integrity

In my experience as a player on this poker site, i can tell you that integrity is the first thing they care about. And to show you that i speak from my experience, i will tell you a nice story. Few days ago (February 2013) i logged into my Pokerstars account and then i realised i had more money then i suppose to have. The amount is considerable (around 150$) so i started to dig into the situation and see from where did those money arrive. I did this for two reasons : 1. because i was curious ; 2. because i care for my Pokerstars account. In my opinion , it is a privillege to be able to play on Pokerstars so i want to keep my account safe all the time and i want to avoid any wrong doings which could result a suspended account. I never did anything wrong  but i want to be over-cautious with my account because i heard terrible stories about the security team which suspends accounts even though people don’t cheat (usually because they break T&C). So i have decided to email them and ask them what is with those money and if they mistakenly sent me the money , they should remove it from my cashier. Meanwhile i looked in the history and saw the transaction entitled as a REFUND. I have requested a Pokerstars player audit and in there, i could see that Pokerstars admin sent me those money. After sending them the e-mail where i requested information , i received the following response(summarized):
1. They have discovered some players cheating or colluding.
2. They acknowledge that they have confiscated their money and i have been disadvantaged.
3. They compensate my losses without further details.
So, they are saying that i was a victim of some cheaters and this money are to compensate my losses because of the unfair advantage those players had against me. I was like : “wow, but i didn’t make any complaint”  …  This convinced me there is no way in the world that i could play on a different poker site other than Pokerstars. To get a compensation without asking means that their Security team never sleeps and they are also looking for tracks of chip-dumping or cheating.

Whenever you’re playing poker online it is critical that their security is top notch so you can play confidently without worrying that you’ll lose your money or it will get hacked.  PokerStars’ security systems have been verified by third party security consulting firms to ensure they are meeting the highest standards.  They also have an extremely strict collusion policy which means you won’t have multiple people working together at the same table to improve their odds of winning.   This helps ensure the game is fun for everyone and all the players are on an even playing field.

Pokerstars is rigged?

I am tired of hearing this kind of conspiracy. Usually the week players tend to find a reason for their losses and so they blame Pokerstars of being rigged. This is absolutely outrageous.  I have to admit that there are days when i lose 3outer all day long or when i lose aces versus kings , nut flush versus straight flush or even royal flush , aces versus ace king and so on. This happens because of the variance. It happens at live poker also and i will give you the first example that comes to my head right now : at WSOP one guy was holding pocket aces and made quad aces and the other guy had royal flush. Why it happens more on Pokerstars than in life poker ? Because you play 100 times more hands than in real life poker. This means that there is 100 more times the chance to receive a bad beat.

PokerStars 2013 Review

For those that are looking for one of the best online poker rooms that have everything that you could ever want as a player should consider playing on Poker Stars. This particular poker site sets the standards for other poker sites across the net. Being the biggest online poker rooms they have players from all over the world of which many have celebrity or pro status. With top of the line graphics and software you will easily be able to play from your home or office without any issues of the site being slow or lagging unlike many other poker rooms.

Pokerstars – Popularity & Game Selection

When it comes to being popular they are ranked as number one from millions of players all over the world. This is mainly because of the choices that are given to players in the way of types of games that are available giving players more chances to win. You can find all of you favorite poker games here such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Each of these give you the option to play cash ring games, heads up, tournaments and sit n go’s. If you are playing for the first time you can use the play chips to practice until you feel comfortable enough with the game to make your first cash deposit.

Pokerstars Security

Poker Stars goes above and beyond the normal to make sure that all of their players are secure. Each deposit or withdraw is monitored to ensure there is no fraudulent activity going on which will keep you and your private information safe. There is nothing scarier than the thought of someone getting access to your account and funding it with your money to only steal it later in one form or another. This is why everything on the poker room is monitored by a full time security team. Our team did some review on Pokerstars security team and the final overall score for security department is 10/10.

Completive Nature & Fun

Whether you are looking for a nice friendly game or heavy competition you will find it when playing on Poker Stars. They have players from all over the world who are waiting to challenge you on your next game of poker.

Customer Support

While the vast majority of people playing on PokerStars never have an issue, if they do the customer support is much better than their competition.  You can email them inquiries about something you think is going wrong and they will get back to you very quickly.  In many cases you’ll have an answer within minutes, especially when you’re worried about any type of fraud or other serious problems of this nature.

Their customer support doesn’t stop at just answering questions and problems.  They also really care about the opinions of their users.  You can submit site feedback to help them improve their already great system.  Many of their most popular services began as simple suggestions from users which makes it clear that PokerStars is always looking to improve their services.

At any time during your game play that you experience problems or need assistance with something they have a full staff that is ready to assist you. You can easily contact them via email 24/7 and even though they do not have a direct phone line for you to contact them you can request one via your email and they will contact you within a timely manner.
The e-mails are the following: /  - For general inquiries. / – For security related problems. / – Deposit / Withdrawal problems.  - –

Pokerstars Bonus Code

Pokerstars appreciate the money and time those players put in which is why they are constantly offering promotions and bonuses to give you the most for your money. You can also play in the many free rolls each month to have the chance to win big without ever spending a dime of your own money. If you wish to find out about new promotions or new released pokerstars bonus code you should keep your eye on our site and bookmark it. We will constantly give out free pokerstars bonus codes to our viewers.
Play with confidence at Pokerstars
To read the latest news about Poker and Pokerstars , you can check daily (as i do) The Pokerstars Blog

Update Pokerstars Review

The Sunday Million 7th Anniversary is over and the winner took home almost 900.000$ in cash! The last 3 remaining players split the money and all took home at least 800.000$. It is an amazing investment and as it was expected , Pokerstars made history last Sunday.

Pokerstars Account

If you are new to Pokerstars and want to create a new Poker stars account you will have first to download the software from . After completing the fields required in their form , you will be ready to play Pokerstars with your account. In order to be able to deposit onto your new pokerstars account , you will have to complete all your personal details and depending on your deposit method you will have to send them scanned proof of payment. We recommend you the following deposit options for Pokerstars : Visa , Mastercard , Amex , Neteller , Moneybookers and Paysafecard.
I have received some questions about Pokerstars banned or closed account. If your Pokerstars account has been banned it means that the security team has caught doing something unethical or even illegal. Depending on the seriousity of the matter, the Pokerstars account team will give you exact steps you need to do in order to recoup your Pokerstars account.
If you wish to delete your account because of different reasons, we will give you a piece of advice to close your Pokerstars account. If you want to delete your account because you have a gambling problem, they have an option in the software for self-exclusion . Follow this steps in Pokerstars lobby and you will be able to self-exclude from future games:
Requests-> Responsible Gaming -> Self-Exclusion . Then you pick the period you want to self-exclude from Pokerstars games and enter your password. After it is done you won’t be able to play on Pokerstars anymore. Be careful when choosing the period because this action cannot be undone.

What is the difference between and ?

We won’t be making separate reviews of and because it is pointless as both of the sites belong to the same company and uses the same exact software. The main difference is that has only European Union members (except some countries where Poker is regulated like Italy and France) and the rest of the players are redirect to .

Overall Conclusion about Pokerstars : staff,accounts,management and organisation

Based on all factors that we have enumerated in our Pokerstars review we would like to award them a 10 out of 10 rating. It is the number one place to play poker on the internet no matter what your favourite games are or what your limits are. If you have any comments or any useful reviews about Pokerstars please contact us at and we will be glad to share them in public.

Negreanu Pokerstars

Having Negreanu on Pokerstars team gives a high reputation and 100% integrity review to Pokerstars. Negreanu is one of the best tournament players in this world.

Pokerstars Review 2013
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22 Responses to Pokerstars Review 2013

  1. gherghe says:

    Indeed Pokerstars is the best site when it comes to integrity. The only problem on their site is the river… IF it wasn’t for the river, i would be rich by now!

  2. vasy says:

    Do you have any bonus codes or marketing codes for Pokerstars ?
    I have just opened an account and i have deposited with FREE20 but i don’t know when to use them.
    I would like to know if i can get any bonus codes that will be released based on the amount of play.

  3. bayerplayer says:

    I really enjoy playing poker on Pokerstars but if you can talk with them , tell them to stop badbeats against me. I think i am doomed. I don’t know why all the time i am ahead , i lose. I cannot say i didn’t suck out on river but i only did it 20% of the time and 80% i get sucked out on the river by bad players.
    I can’t wait to participate to the 7th Pokerstars 2013 Sunday Million anniversary

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  20. Daniel Klein says:

    I will talk with my affiliate manager and ask for permission to post hands.
    It can be damaging for the company. Also , i will be required to post your IP along with the hand histories.

  21. stalw says:

    Thelo na katedaso to pokersrart sto kinito mou pezo poker sto lapto plis pos to katevazis

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