Is There An Income Limit On Soccer Betting?

In sports betting, bookmakers set maximum profits and payout limits – it secures the bookmakers from betting against astronomical profits which could bring the betting companies in financial difficulties.

The stakes and prizes in sports betting are usually limited by the bookmakers. The so-called betting limit sets the amount that the respective bookmakers accept bets on individual sports.

In addition, the bookmakers have fixed payout and income limits, which serve the economic protection of the provider. Primarily it involves giving suppress particularly massive winnings that could bring a bookmakers in economic difficulties.

Bet365: The maximum payout is calculated in 24 hours with Bet365 and varies from event to event. In football, The first winning amount is 1 million British pounds and second and third is 500,000 and 250,000pounds. Find more information and some top-notch bet365 review

Inter-wetten: The maximum payout per bet is EUR 10,000. A customer can make a maximum of 20,000 euros per day and 100,000 euros per week

Mybet: A customer can win a maximum of 30,000 euros per day. The weekly limit has been set at 50,000 euros

Bwin: Bwin has fixed the maximum payout per player per week with 100,000 euros. The week is from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59. Per player and bet the Bwin betting limit is € 10,000. Bwin also limits the possible loss of the bettor – if you make lose for four weeks or more than 5,000 euros, Bwin reserves the right to protect the customer from further losses.

Sportingbet: The maximum payout in the British bookmaker William Hill is the equivalent of about 300,000 euros and is primarily dependent on sport and bet.

The amounts above are officially communicated values ​​of bookmakers. The income limits can vary widely depending on sport and event.

Is There An Income Limit On Soccer Betting?
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