How The Winnings Will Be Calculated In Soccer Betting?

Here you will discover how to actually calculate the winnings?

Those who complete a successful bet and beckons a betting profit, this has to be calculated for individual bets. Besides the bettor, it determines the betting odds of the potential level of the betting profits.

The formula for calculating a gain is:

Bet Winning = Stake * betting odds

To illustrate, we’ll set an example:

A customer uses the 10 euros on a bet at odds of 2.5.

Bet (s) Rate (q)
e = 10 euros q = 2.50


This results in:

Formula winnings (g) Invoice Example Result bets (g)
exq g = 10 x 2.5 10 x 2.5 = 25


This is the gross profit. This yields the net profit, we must subtract it from the gross profit.

The net profit is then calculated using the following formula:

Net profit = Gross profit – use

In our chosen example, one would get the following result:

Betting odds (q) Insert (e) Bill gross profit (g) Formula Net income (ng) Net profit
2.5 10 2.5 x 10 ng = g – e 25 to 10 = 15


Bets will be settled on the good bookmakers for short time after the end of an event and scored Winnings will be credited to the betting account immediately.

The calculation of profits in combination bets is simple. The bet amount is multiplied by the odds.

Gross profit of combination bet = Stake x Odds Q1 Q2 x rate x ratio Q3 ….


It is 10 euros on an accumulator with a Q1 at odds of 3.00 and Q2 with a ratio of 1.50 and a Q3 at odds of 1.70.

The following calculation procedure leads to gross profit:

Insert (e) Quote (q1) Quote (q2) Quote (q3)
10 3.00 1.50 1.70


Combined gross profit formula Result Example
bk = x ex q1 q2 q3 x 10 x 1.7 x 3.0 x 1.5 = 76.5


Also in the fold, net income from gross profit has calculated the net use, in our example, it would therefore net income 66.5 (76.5 - 10).

In addition to the Decimal that are common in European countries, there are also other odds formats. England’s odds is shown in fractions. In American betting odds is mainly shown with the sign (+ or -), it is critical to the importance.

How The Winnings Will Be Calculated In Soccer Betting?
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