What Are Formats Of Odds In Soccer Betting?

What kind of odds are offered in soccer betting and what the odds mean, anyway? Here we will explain main three types of odds formats.

The history of sports betting can look back on a long tradition. Over time there were different forms of representation of the odds, which is ultimately three formats have prevailed: the decimal odds, the fracture rate - also known as UK rate – and the American rate.

In most European countries, the representation of the ratio is as a decimal to the popular and common ones. The specified number is multiplied by the stake showing the gross profit, which is obtained when making a positive bet.

In the UK and Ireland, on the other hand, it is usually the preferred fracture rate in sports betting. For this reason, the shape of the rate representation is called alternatively UK odd.

Unlike the decimal odds, betting odds show breaking the profit or net income. This means that the use of x units receives y units as profit.

To illustrate an example:

At odds of 6/4 that would mean that a customer receives 6 units of net profit for 4 units bet. Adopt a corresponding unit, for example, on 100 Euros, you would get at a betting odds of 6/4.

A customer from the online bookmaker places a bet of 400 euros at odds of 6/4.

Bet (s) Rate (q) Formula profit UK rates Net profit as
e = 400 Euro q = 6/4 g = ex (6/4) 400 x 1.5 = 600


The result is net income, so the total net profit of the operation is 600.

With this knowledge as a basis, you can now easily convert to Decimal Odds of UK, which show even the gross profit. This requires that you divide a fraction and add the number 1. In our example, the 6/4 + 1 = 2.5.

The decimal odds can be obtained by the following calculation:

Betting odds fraction (q) Insert (e) Gross profit (g) Invoice Example
q e g = e + QXe (6/4) x = 400 + 400 1000


Gross profit in Decimal is calculated using the formula Gross profit = stake x odds. This results in the following in our example:

Formula. Decimal at (g) Bookmaker Use Quote Example Result
g = exq 1000 400 1000 = 400 xq so 1000/400 = q q = 2.5


It is slightly more complicated than the Decimal and fracture rates to make the American rates, also known as “Lines”. In the American odds, there are two forms that are based on favorites.

The first variant is odds with a negative sign. These are used when the decimal odds is less than 2.0. If the American rate is negative, then it shows how much you have to use, to make 100 euro profit.

For example, the rate is -200, it means nothing other than that the stake must be 200 euros, so you scored 100 euro profit.

To illustrate:

On. Betting odds (q) Insert (e) Gain (g) Net income (ng) Decimal odds net profit
- 200 e = 200 g = 100 ng = 100 = 200 exq therefore xq 100/200 = q = 0.5


When using 200 euros multiplied by the betting odds 0.5, we therefore have a net income of 100 euros. Since the Decimal show the net income, one would also expect the resulting rate + 1 in order to calculate the actual decimal odds.

An American odds of -200 corresponds to a converted decimal odds of 1.5.

American odds are however performed with a positive sign, so show them how much you can win, if one uses 100 euros.

The American Race Quote 200 therefore it means that with a bet of 100 euros, you will make a profit of € 200.

This rate is now relatively simple to be converted into a decimal odds. You just have to divide by 100, and the rate again expand by 1.


On. Betting odds (q) Insert (e) Gain (g) Gross profit formula Result Example
200 e = 100 g = 200 q / s + 1 200/100 + 1 = 3.0


An American odds of +200 corresponds to a converted decimal odds of 3.0.

What Are Formats Of Odds In Soccer Betting?
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