How To Calculate Soccer Betting Rates?

Bookies often make very high returns, but throw most of it out as winnings back to the customer. Only a small percentage will be retained as profit. Here you will find how to calculate the payout ratio as a bookmaker.

The real rates can be the main rate and the payout ratio is calculated. The formula in a 3-way bet as follows:

Payout ratio = 1: (1: 1 + 1 ratio: Quote X + 1: Quote 2)

To illustrate, we’ll set an example:

A bookmaker offers the following ratios for a 1-X-2-bet:

Quote Team 1 (a) Draw ratio (u) Quote Team 2 (b)
a = 1.45 u = 3.33 B = 8.8


This results in:

Formula Invoice Example Key result rate (Q) Q in%
1: (1: a + 1: u + 1: b) 1: (1:1,45 + 1:3,33 + 1:8,8) 0.90 90%

* Rate was rounded to 2 decimal places

The profit margin for the bookmakers results from the bill:

Margin = 1 – Odds (Q)

In our chosen example, one would get the following result:

Quote Q Q in% Formula profit margin Margin Profit margin in%
0.90 90 1 – Q 1 to 0.90 100-90 = 10

* Figures have been rounded to two decimal places

This means, 90 percent of the bets are paid out as winnings, and only the remaining 10% will be retained as profits. The profit margin is thus 10 percent.

This assumption is only theoretical. Because you can not always assume that the bets are made ​​on all three possible outcomes.

Arises in practice, namely mostly an imbalance, which the bookmaker must counteract in order to reduce the risk of large losses. Expose such a lot to win from Team 1 and account for significantly less bets on the Team 2, it is the bookmakers who adapt Odds, the betting odds for the favorite is lowered and raised for the underdog. Therefore Betting is subject to often rate fluctuations.

As the favorite quote is usually low, the closer an event approaches, it can be achieved with the highest favorite betting profits when it is long as possible before the competition that has already delivers the highest possible rate at an early stage.

Why you should open with several different providers betting accounts

No single Bookie is the best in every area; every provider has specific strengths that should also benefit. It’s the same with the offered betting odds – of course, no single vendor has all games and events. More choice means the bottom line under even better odds, because you can pick for any provider with the best odds if you has several options.

More choice in the betting companies also means that each provider can utilize the Bonus deals and other promotions. Each provider has awarded a welcome bonus to new customers, also for regular customers there are in all betting providers offer special bonus promotions from time to time – this is an important rule to use consistently in every good sports betting strategy.

How To Calculate Soccer Betting Rates?
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