In Play Betting Tips

There are various techniques when it comes to betting on soccer but the in play has the best success rate with the 1.01 bet. This particular technique was originally introduced because of the betting exchanges. This opportunity takes place when the odds of an outcome or team in which you are choosing to bet on shorten to the lowest increment amount possible. Basically for every $100 that you bet in return would earn $1 which isn’t that great of a return but offers a great strike rate.

For those bettors who frequent the in play soccer betting markets, this is the best possible bet available for those who prefer to win more often than not regardless of the amount of earnings.  Many bettors shy away from this particular method because it has a small return but requires a higher stake but can cost them winnings. It can be a mistake for bettors to choose not to use this method by using more risky methods in hope of winning big but only to lose in the end.

The fact of the matter is that for those who truly want to profit will require patience because this method will allow them to profit long term. While the earnings are low per each bet eventually it will begin to add up over time giving you the profits that you have always wanted. However, for those that choose to go this route will need to bet substantial amounts in order for it to be worth it. If you are only betting $10 and the winnings are $.10 then it is a waste of time. You should consider placing bets that are $100, $500 or even $1000 in which the return would be $1, $5 or $10. Over time those profits will grow and can be used for other betting methods if you wish to change at a later period.

Choosing In Play Live Trends

There are many online companies that offer useful live in play betting trend s which can help you to choose with method to go with and to make informed decisions on what teams and events to bet on. Obviously the more you know about each team such as players, history, venue and more will better your chances of placing the right bet.

Watch & Bet

Having the ability to watch how things are going in a game instead of hoping for a win is very beneficial. You will have the ability to feel out how things are going and use your intuition on how to proceed and with the in play betting strategy. There are many aspects of this that is appealing to novice bettors which is why it has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Regardless of how you choose to bet keep in mind that you need to research each team and event that you are potentially interested in betting on and take only risks that you think you can be successful in. Placing bets that offer a high payout is worth it if you are able to gage or predict a successful outcome.

In Play Betting Tips
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