Fixed Soccer Matches

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For many spectators and bettors the thrill of betting on the game is being able to make an informed decision on what the outcome will be. There are millions of people from all around the world who bet on different sports but soccer remains one of the top sports sought by fans and enthusiasts alike. However, what if the outcome was predetermined and there was no really guess to the game? Would people still bet on fixed soccer matches?

What is a Fixed Soccer Match?

The terms fixed soccer match is as simple as it sounds. Basically it’s an event in which the game is predetermined which means there is a winner already chosen and that the game will be thrown by the loser. Typically when there is a fixed match it’s because there is a financial gain to be had by the players, coaches, bookies and others involved but how often it happens is a bit harder to determine.

Benefits of Fixed Matches

While choosing to fix a match is frowned upon by many people including the law enforcement there are reasons that teams choose to do it. First of all if there is financial gain for the teams its thrown to help one of the team finish in a specific spot, thus enabling the team in question to avoid playing a possible match against top seed teams until a later date. This can happen quite often during big game seasons or championships.  Some teams will choose to go with a fixed match because it can allow better pairings and favorable schedules in the next season.

Who Fixes the Matches?

The matches can be fixed by various individuals including the coaches, refs, players and anyone else who stands to earn in the predetermined game. There are times when a matched game doesn’t actually mean deliberately losing the match by playing until there is a draw or fixed score which naturally benefits both teams. It can help both soccer teams to advance on in a competition which would be why they chose to go with a tied match instead of losing it completely.

Betting on Fixed Matches

Even though soccer betting should be done on games that are legit with no interference or predetermined outcomes, there are fans that choose to bet on fixed games as well. However, since these specific types of games are hard to come by without coming up in some type of legal trouble it is your choice on whether or not you want to move forward with betting. Not all bookmarkers will allow this type of betting so if you are interested in betting on fixed matches you may have to seek out games that are taking place and will allow betting on them.

Keep in mind that as with any type of soccer betting you need to weigh your odds and calculate the risks that are involved when betting on fixed matches. You may want to consider looking at what bettors are doing including the pros before making your final decision.

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Fixed Soccer Matches
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