The World Of Accumulator Bets – Big Wins And Big Losses

Welcome to the world of accumulator bets. Have you ever heard of the reward and punishment system? Yes, these bets work in the same way- you can get rewarded for the win, and punished for the losses. Accumulator bets are multiple bets, the more you predict and wager right, the more you win. To get the payoff, you need to place bets on multiple outcomes together. Many games offer accumulator bets, but football accumulator bets are the most popular ones. As the number of people placing soccer bets is increasing, more and interesting ways of betting are taking shape. As football betting attracts the most punters, multiple bets add different dimension to the betting fun.

Who likes the accumulator bets? A person with guts, who seeks thrill and love to spend the money for the fun and action associated with the game. If the above though excites you, you are the perfect person to play the accumulator bets. Betting on these can pump the adrenaline and take you to new heights of thrill. This type of bet is any betting punter’s dream. Win big with small stakes! In an accumulator, beware that the odds are always against you in high proportion. But as big is the risk of losing, the bigger is the payout, if your guess is right. Here, the more you choose, the more you are risking. However, if you take an example of 10 premier League matches, predicting the correct results for three or four out of them is a Herculean task. Accumulator bets have double, treble, fourfold, fivefold, etc kind of bets, and the payout is also given in a similar way.

Do you want to know how the stakes become multi-fold in this type of bet? For example, let us assume that you have won a threefold bet. The accumulator bet is paid in the following way – the three selections are multiplied to calculate your payout. If the three selections were 2.8, 1.5 and 1.3, your profit would be calculated based on the stake x 2.8 x 1.5 x 1.3. This is how the accumulator bets pay you huge amounts of money if you win. If the above example is calculated on a $10 stake, the payout would be $54.60

Accumulator bets are fondly called as ‘Accas’ by the experts. It is said that in this type of bet, the chances of winning are very less when compared to the losses. But many punters believe that accumulators pay off in a big way and are great fun to play. Though these are high risk bets, you can handle the risk with some smart thinking. These are like any other kind of betting, only the risk is multiplied many folds. So the caution also needs to be multiplied as many times.

When a normal punter gets hold of an accumulator betting card, he first gets overwhelmed by the selections. If he does not give it a good thought, he might be choosing the wrong teams for the wrong reasons. Betting on favourite teams is one of the most common things you would expect any bettor to do. If you are not thinking through about the odds, your money is down the drain and into the hands of the bookies. Take your time and add the teams that you have good knowledge about. Leave the favourites out, if they are not in form. Also understand that select only a few teams to increase your odds.

With the thrill comes the stress. Accumulator bets can be stressful, as you need to wait till all the matches have been played to know the result of your bet. It may be bad for your nerves and keep you on your toes. To know if you have won big or lost big, you need to wait till all the results are out. Enjoy the game and do not let the nerves bother you.

The World Of Accumulator Bets – Big Wins And Big Losses
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