Soccer Betting- Be Smart And Bet On Underdogs

It might sound a little strange, but underdogs are the favourites of many. An underdog upsets the odds and produces one of the greatest sports moments in the history – haven’t you witnessed this often? More often than not, placing bets on the underdogs gives you pleasing results. Betting on the soccer underdogs is definitely a smart winning strategy that many vouch for. If you feel that betting on underdogs might not be a good option, think again. Betting on them gives you high odds. Usually, the status of underdogs comes tied up with very high odds. Taking advantage of this situation to make some profit is the smart thing to do. Underdogs are the most preferred betting teams throughout the soccer season. Some of the reasons why you should pay more attention to them are:

1. Usually, the favourites have low ranging odds, similar to 1.70 to 1.85. When you are thinking of betting a huge amount like $1000, then, these odds do not help you a lot. Such odds give you a maximum profit of around $700 to $825.  With such odds, there are more chances of a loss than profit, when you bet a few times in a day. Factoring in the wins and losses of the favourites, you might more likely end up with a loss of a few hundred dollars. So, betting on the favourites does not actually give you profits!

2. Underdogs are not important in the public eye. They don’t get the needed respect from the public or from the opponent teams. They are underrated and not given any credit for their talent. Good teams always underestimate the bad teams. But, history proves that underdogs have created some major upsets in the game, which makes them ideal for betting.

3. Many times popular teams get undue credit, as they are the favourites of the public. The pushing lines are high, just because they are popular and not because they have a better chance of winning. With good research about the team form, you can understand that the not so popular team might have a better chance at winning the game. Do not get carried away by the public opinion, as it is not the right indicator of a winner.

4. Without the right knowledge and research, many bettors are not brave enough to bet on the underdogs. People tend to go with the public and mistake a popular team for a better team. These opinions are usually based on their recent gambling losses, because of poor judgement. If you go with the right situational and statistical research, you can definitely spot the underdog of that week. There are many instances where the perceived bad teams have performed well and have over-achieved. If you look at such situations, the favourites have performed miserably and the bettors have lost money due to the fact that they went with the public opinion.

Obviously, this doesn’t always mean that every underdog is a potential winner. However, if you do the right research and spot the underdog with high potential, you can have better chances of winning that week. For Cup Matches, you can use one interesting betting strategy. Choose around 5 best games, where the first league teams are playing against a team from the lower division. Obviously, these first league teams do not have great interest in playing these matches. Pick the best 5 games and bet on the underdogs that have high odds like 7.0 or more. This way, you can get at least one winner or more in those 5 matches. This is one strategy you can adopt to get higher profit returns when you bet on underdogs.

Soccer Betting- Be Smart And Bet On Underdogs
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