Understanding soccer betting odds

Sports betting, especially soccer betting is a very big industry. Ability to read the odds being offered by the bookmaker can help you bet wisely and make money while almost doing nothing more than sitting back and enjoying watching a soccer match with your friends. On most sports websites these days, one can find links to betting sites or the odds being offered. Odds can be described as the probability of some event occurring. In betting terms, odd can simply be described as the ratio of money that you will get in return for the amount of money that you bet. The three main types of odds that you are most likely to see while placing a bet are decimal, fractional and American.

Decimal odds are the most popular form of odds being offered and are used across the globe. For greater accuracy most decimal odds come with 2 decimal places. The decimal odds are pretty simple to understand and show how much the total return will be from a bet of 1 unit. The return will include the winnings or profit as well as the wager placed. So, if the decimal odds are 5.00, the return on $10 placed will be $50$, 10 that was placed as the wager and 40, the winnings. The unit stake or the lowest amount needed to place a bet might differ from place to place. The next most popular form of betting odds is the fractional odds. This form of odds shows the bettors how much profit can be won from a placed bet of 1 unit. Supposing a bet of 10$ is placed on odds of 4/1, then the total returns will be 50$, 40 in profit and 10 which was the wager placed. The third kind of commonly used form of betting odds is the American odds which are also known as money lines. Money lines are based on 100 unit stake and can be written in two ways. If written positive, the money lines show how much profit can made off a bet of a 100 stake or else if the odds are written in negative then it shows how much bet should be placed in order to make a 100 profit. Betting websites provide services that help convert from one type of odds to another so that you can easily calculate the wager and the returns that you will earn.

Some terms to keep in mind while betting are:

  • Odds – The likelihood of certain events occurring in the game or outcomes of the game. They are generally given by the bookmakers, based upon their understanding of the game and they’ll accept bet against these odds.
  • Stake – The amount of money that you are placing on a bet.
  • Odds against – Bets where the returns are more than twice the stake money.
  • Evens – Bets where you will earn a profit of the same amount of money that you wagered.
  • Odds on – Bets where the returns will be less than double of the money that you are placing.
  • Long odds – The probability of the event taking place is very less.
  • Short odds – The probability of the event taking place is very high.
Understanding soccer betting odds
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  1. luther says:

    How do I understand a winning odd number in a game before betting.

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