Soccer Betting Odds – Understand Them Well And Better You Win Chances

You would love to place a bet, but have a hard time understanding the different soccer betting odds. Does this sound familiar? Your research says that your favourite team is backed by 7/4. Are you now sitting back in the couch trying to figure out what those figures mean? It is high time that you understand the basics of various types of soccer betting odds. These betting odds tell you the probability of your favourite team winning against the rival team. Based on these figures, you can place your bets and win according to the results. Understanding the odds gives you better chances of winning. There are basically three main types of soccer betting odds. They are decimal, fractional and American. The names actually tell you how they are placed and played. Depending on which sport you are betting on and where the game is being played, you can switch between these different betting formats and have higher odds of winning. Understanding these formats will make it easier to place these bets properly, compare them and finally have some win money.

The most popular of all soccer betting odds are the decimal odds. Almost all bookmakers offer these betting odds, around the world. The decimal system used in this system is simple to understand. The decimal odds tell you how much you can win from a 1 unit bet. Know the bookmakers’ stakes before you make the bet to know what one unit stake means. This could differ at different places like 1, 10, or 100, etc. Two decimal places odds give greater accuracy in the winning results. So, to understand this better, if your stake is $10 for decimal odds of 3.00, then your returns are $30, which means, that your profit is $20.

Fractional odds are mainly used by the UK bookmakers. Though these odds follow similar rules as that of decimal odds, they are calculated from 1 unit stake. Unlike decimal odds which tell you your total returns, fractional odds tell you how much profit you have made on 1 unit stake. If the fractional odds offer you 2/1, it means that you are going to be paid two times for every unit stake. In the same way, 4/1 means that you get five times per unit stake. So, if your unit stake was £10, you will be paid £ 40.

One of the most commonly used soccer betting odds is the American odds. These betting odds are quite different from the other two. These odds are sometimes called as money lines. These are based on a 100 stake and give you either positive or negative outcome. If the odds are given as a positive outcome, you will earn a profit. This profit is calculated based on a 100 stake. Negative odds tell you how much stake you would need to make a 100 on that bet.

Decimal odds are the easiest ones and the most commonly used type of betting odds. If you are not able to understand the different systems of betting odds, the best way to go about it is to adopt the decimal odds system as the base. Calculate with this system and predict the winner to place your bets. Compare the odds through this system and win handsomely at the end of the day, using any type of betting odds.
Millions of people love to gamble on sports and place bets regularly. For this they need to strategically understand every game, and monitor the odds favouring a particular team in that game or event. As you understand the game and monitor the odds perfectly to know which team is the most favoured in that particular match or game, your prediction or guess becomes a reality. Once you master the betting odds, you will figure out how the odds are derived and will be able to make an informed prediction.

Soccer Betting Odds – Understand Them Well And Better You Win Chances
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