Understand How To Wager On Different Kinds Of Soccer Betting

Among all the sports betting activities, soccer betting is quite popular on a global scale. In Europe, soccer betting is quite huge and is given equal importance of professional football wagering in the United States. It is an extremely popular pastime, and for many it is a means of livelihood too. If you know how to bet or wager on professional baseball or on the matches of National Hockey League, then you would be comfortable betting on soccer too. Soccer betting too uses money line like the others; however there is one important difference. Unlike the other games, you can place a bet on either team, you can also bet on predicting that it will be a tie too! As there is an option to bet on a tie, you have to bet on the winning team, otherwise you lose the bet.

There are many ways to wager on the soccer games. You can bet on the result of a single game of soccer, which is by far the most popular one. You can include bets based on the future, called the proposition bets. Let us look into a few types of soccer bets and understand how they can win us money.

Soccer lines:

Usually a soccer line will display odds typically in this manner.


New York Red Bulls – 182

Draw + 230

Los Angeles Galaxy + 45

Based on these odds the bettors are supposed to place their wagers. For example a better places a bet on New York Red Bulls, he or she risks $18.2 for $10 bet. While the bettor backing the Los Angeles Galaxy gains by winning $45 for every $10 wagered, if that team wins that match. If a bettor has taken the option of betting on the outcome to be a draw, then he or she will risk $10 for the chance to win $23. It is very important to note that, as you can bet on a tie, it is essential for your team to win; otherwise you will lose the bet.

Let us look at the odds of another example soccer match:

D.C United + 140

Draw + 220

Seattle Sounders FC +150

When you look at such odds, you understand that both the teams are underdogs. As such a match would most likely lead to a tie; this is a very improbable situation in a soccer match.

Some other kinds of soccer bets:

The Total (over/under)

A bettor can choose to wager over a particular number of goals, or under a particular number of goals. This is possible as many soccer matches there may be a bet called the Total posted (over/ under). Typically the number given for these bets is 2.5.  It means that if a better is wagering over, then to win, his or her team would need to score at least 3 goals. At the same time, for a bettor who has wagered in favour of under, cannot have more than 2 scored goals to win the bet.

Proposition bets:

These are among the other kinds bets placed on soccer matches. Proposition bets are based on factors like time of the first goal, first team to score, the team ahead at half time. For a bettor, who is extremely knowledgeable on the teams and their games, these proposition bets may be quite profitable.

Future bets:

The outcome of such bet is dependent on more than one game. Future bets are wagered on the outcome of an event like the MLS Cup or the FIFA world Cup, etc. You can place a bet on the winner of these events even before the start of the season.


Understand How To Wager On Different Kinds Of Soccer Betting
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