Types of Soccer Betting

There are different ways of wagering on a soccer match. Some people make bets on the general outcome of a match while there are others who bet on the specific details like the number of goals made by each player in a match. It is important to understand the various types of soccer betting to avoid losing money and maximize one’s gains.

There is also a difference in soccer betting that takes place in the United States, United Kingdom, Asian and European countries. In certain cases, though the betting methodology is the same, the terms used to denote them are different.

Money line also known as match odds, 1X2, or American odds is the common type of bets. It is also the easiest bet where in you choose an amount and bet on three different options – home win (1) away win (2), and draw (X).  In case you win, you get back your bet and also your winnings. Winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake with the odds.

Straight bet or a single is betting on individual selection wherein you will have to choose the exact outcome of a particular match to win.  Multiple is a bet that offers huge returns but is fraught with greater risk. It combines two or more bets and each selection has to win to get returns or you lose. Double and treble are multiple bets on two and three selections respectively.

Having multiple bets on four or more selections is referred to as an accumulator. Accumulators are named after the number of selections they contain like fivefold, sixfold, sevenfold etc. Multiple bets are also referred to as parlay or combo. Unlike in a normal parlay, the bettor stands to get a reduced return even if some of his selections lose in a progressive parlay.

Proposition bets are bets made on specific aspects of a match like whether a particular player will score in a match, whether a goal will be made in the first or second half of the match, number of passes made, goals scored etc. For example, goal line or total goals is a bet in which a particular number is chosen and betting is done based on whether the total goals scored by both teams will be over or under that number.

First goal, half time, full time, half time / full time, first goal scorer, last goal scorer and anytime goal scorer are different types of proposition bets. A teaser is a bet in which the bettor combines his bets on two or more different games. Draw no bet is a bet wherein you choose one of the teams to win but get your money back in case the match ends in a draw.

Scorecast, also known as first scorer/correct score double, is one of the most popular bets among bookmakers as the chances of winning are low. The bettor will have to get the first goal scorer and the correct score of the soccer match correct in order to win.  Asian handicap is a type of soccer betting that is popular but slightly complicated and is mostly preferred by experienced bettors.

Types of Soccer Betting
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