Asian Handicap Sports Betting

Whether you are a novice bettor or looking to learn new forms of betting you should consider that the Asian handicap sports betting can offer you. This particular form of betting helps give the underdog of the match an early lead before the kickoff starts. The biggest benefit of this is that it will eliminate the draw. In each of the standard bets, the outcome possibilities is always 33% but with the draw option being eliminated from the Asian handicap sports betting you will be given 2 options. The options are simple and include betting away or home.

Is Asian Handicap Sports Betting For You?

In order to decide if this is the right betting for you it will require you to research the different types of Asian handicap bets and determine if the benefits outweigh and cons. This particular betting option can offer a higher winning possibility but a single goal can chance everything and sway the outcome from one side to the other.

Types of Asian Handicap Betting

The handicap 0 will require the game to start at 0-0 with no advances to be given to either team and the draw will be eliminated completely.

The handicap +0.25 will start the game out at 0-1/4 giving the underdog the benefit of having a quarter goals before the kickoff ever takes place. The draw option will be eliminated in this option as well but may be a bit more confusing for new bettors to learn but can be done with a bit of patience and practice. You will either lose or lose half stake of your wager or win or win half of your original bet.

By playing with the handicap +0.50 the game will start 0 – ½, giving the underdog the benefit of starting with a half goal before kickoff takes place.  Again the draw option will be eliminated and there is no money back in any case so you will either lose all of the money or win it all.

The handicap +0.75 will start the game off at 0 – ¾ giving the underdog a quarter goal advance before the kickoff takes place. The draw option is once again eliminated and differs from the ¼ by a small exception.

In the case that you choose a team that has a handicap +1 from the beginning you will be a winner if they have a draw or if they win. If your chosen team loses by a single goal then the bet will be refunded. In the event that you choose to go with a team that has a -1 handicap, then your team will be required to win by at least two goals in order for you to be deemed as a winner. In the event that your chosen team wins by only a single goal then your bet will be refunded.

If you are able to win by a handicap +1.25 you will win on a draw or win so basically all bets on this one will be winners. The handicap of +1.5 will give you a win on a draw or a win and you will win if it loses by a single goal.

Asian Handicap Sports Betting
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