Asian Handicap Explained

One of the most unique things about betting on soccer, at least until the past few years, is that you could bet on 3 different results. The obvious bet would be on which team you think will win or choose to bet on the hopes that there will be a draw. This can make betting on soccer difficult at times especially for a novice bettor or when dealing with 2 teams that were equally met and held the same odds of winning the match. In the article you will read how to bet on asian handicap in soccer and not only.

However, over the last few years the Asian handicap system has changed the way many bettors look at sports betting and ultimately how they bet. This particular method allows bettors to place a bet on the actual goal spread of the event without fear of a time taking place. That whole aspect may be confusing but when using the Asian handicap system the draw is completely eliminated from the equation meaning that no match will ever end in a tie.

Understanding How Asian Handicap Betting Works

The bigger picture that bettors will need to learn is that the underdog is always giving some type of advantage by the top team before kickoff starts.  Depending on the amount of differences in the two teams the underdog can receive a variety of handicaps including a 0 handicap, +0.25, +0.50, +0.75 or +1.  If the underdog is given a +1 the bettor will be deemed as a winner if there is a win or if a draw takes place.  If the team of your choice loses by 1 goal your money will be refunded. However, if your chosen team has the -1 handicap, they will need to win by at least 2 goals for you to be chosen as a winner. If the team wins only by a single goal then your money would be refunded.

Why Choose Asian Handicap Betting

There are more and more fans and enthusiasts choosing to go this route each year especially with the draw being eliminated from the table.  For some the thrill of betting lies in making one of the three decisions involved with standard betting (which team will win or will there be a tie) while others prefer to take the tie possibility off the table.

Whether you are looking for an easier way to bet or something with less risk this offers a nice combination of the two. This can be a great choice for those who are looking to try something different or for novices who find the standard betting to be a bit more than they can handle at this point.

As with any form of soccer betting you still need to research the teams involved to help make an informed decision.  You will want to look at the history of each team involved such as their past wins and losses, injurers or tradeoffs in key players, coach success rate and anything else that may help to give you the upper hand on the game. You want to be able to predict the outcome of the game even if there are fewer options to choose from.

Asian Handicap Explained
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