How to use Betfair

Betfair (Betfair Group plc) is one of the top betting sites operating in West London,England. In this article we will describe the offers and step-by-step guides on how to use Betfair.  Betfair client base is reported to be (as of 2013) at around 5 million customers and over 60 million british pounds turnover per week. The company was found by Andrew Black back in 2000 at the start of the major betting sportsbooks. This is just a short review of betfair which stricly wants to help you to get started using betfair. A more complete review of services and testimonials is pending.

Betfair offers a variety of gambling opportunities like Poker,Casino,Live Casino,Arcade, Slots and much more. As stated , we will only review the aspect on how to properly use Betfair.

In order to use Betfair services you will be required to open a new account BY CLICKING HERE. You will have to complete your full name , address , city , country and all personal details. Please input the correct personal details to avoid any kind of troubles when you will withdraw your funds. Once you complete the form , a mail will be delivered and you will have to click the link arrived in your email in order to activate the betfair account. Then, you will be automaticly logged in and you will be able to navigate through the variety of betting opportunities offered by Betfair. Don’t forget that when you sign-up (reffered by our betting tips site) you will be eligible for a bonus up to 40 british pounds in Sports Betting.

How to use Betfair first deposit?

After the account is validated, you will be able to deposit and start playing (in our case betting on soccer). You will have a variety of deposit options including Visa,Mastercard, Paysafecard.

How to get Betfair withdrawals faster?

After the first deposit, we recommend you to e-mail them the following scanned documents: scanned ID, proof of address (bank statement,utility bill) and scanned front and back of the deposit method (if you used credit card , you will have to scan or photograph your card both front and back). Then e-mail them as soon as possible and make sure they validates your account. Once you have done this step you will be eligible to withdraw funds from Betfair. Doing this procedure when you open the account will save you precious time when you will want to receive the first withdrawal. If you don’t do it , they will require them when you will press withdraw funds. Then they say that they will review your documents within 72 hours. Usually the process takes longer but to avoid this , send them the documents from the begining.

Why is Betfair different? How easy is to use Betfair?

The difference between a typical sportsbook and Betfair is that you are betting against other bettors.

How does Betfair work?

You will be able to choose from two alternatives:

Back when you place a bet like on any other betting site (the odds are picked by Betfair)

Lay when you make the odds and someone can bet on your odds.

how to use betfair


Here are some PROS when betting on Betfair:

  1. The odds are higher because you are not betting against the house (Betfair). When choosing to bet against other people you will have better odds and better chances of making profit. However you will have to pay a comission to Betfair if you choose to bet against other people.
  2. Trade out bet : If you bet as usual before starting the game and when the game starts the other team scores , you have the option to trade out your bet and you will be allowed to cut the loss.
  3. Lay a bet : means that if you have strong information that a team has no chance of winning then you can lay them because if the match ends in a draw or they lose , you will win.

How to place a bet on Betfair ?

how to use betfair 2

If you want to place a bet on A. Villa on this particular game, you will have to click on blue button with odds 1.6 . The amount of 1274 British pounds is the amount of lays (by other bettors) available.

place bets on betfair


After you click on the option of Aston Villa to win , you will be prompted a sidebar box with this information. In the stake field you will input the amount of money you want to put on A.Villa.

More information on how to bet on will come soon.

Hope the information provided in this article will truly learn you how to use Betfair. If you have any questions , please post in comments and we will update the article with the problems you contemplate.

This article was updated on 02.05.2013


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How to use Betfair
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