Make a living from betting

When I started this website, not only I had in mind the idea of giving advice to people willing to get involved in soccer betting but also to warn them about the mistakes I have done so that they avoid doing them in future. I have already achieved what I always wanted: to make a living from betting. Reading this, don’t think I am making $100,000 per month because I am not going to lie and tell you that. I have to admit that there we’re months when I made $100k/month but looking back, it makes me shiver seeing the risks I have taken. You can only win big if you bet big and risk big. If you really are into making good money for a living out of soccer betting you should get a membership on my site and I bet the money you spend will be the best spent money of your life. I will give you the most accurate soccer betting tips for a small amount of the money that you win. Please note that this is not a get rich fast scheme and it’s not even close to that. I am just teaching you how to reach a stable income out of soccer betting on a long term basis. You can achieve it but to do so you also have to invest time and money.

What I am writing here is a step by step guide for those who want to make a living from betting and it is also for those who want to earn some extra cash while doing their regular jobs. Depending on your initial investment in the betting site, you will be able to achieve a good income on a daily basis.

What you need to do to start making a living out of soccer betting?

1. The first step is to get an online betting account. We will provide the best possible information to our subscribed members. The secret information include names of the betting sites to use, how to use these sites and all information we have achieved in our years of experience in the betting advice niche.

2. The next step is to get a membership on our betting advice site. By becoming a member of our betting advice site, you will get 5 to 10 accurate tips daily based on which you should bet. These are the most accurate betting tips you can find on the internet and it should bring you a high return on the investment you make.

3. You will have to have an agenda where you write your progress and other details regarding the income. For example, in the first month, I would recommend you to keep your bankroll on the site and bet. After the first month, you will be able to see and decide how much money you want to keep in the bankroll and the amount you need to withdraw to pay for your living expenses. I have to warn you that in the first month you will have to count on little money because you will need a bankroll to make money. You will start easy to earn at least 20 Euros per day and then the amount will increase steadily. Of course, there will be risks but we will give our best to minimize the risk level and bring it to 1%.

4. You have to be disciplined. You should never think big after you win your first $1000. You shouldn’t say “wow, it was easy… let’s try to hit $100,000 in the next months”. You should accommodate with the winnings if you want to make a living.

5. Nothing in this world is easy. If this was easy then the betting sites would have been bankrupt. So you have to embrace the losses and recoup them slow and not go on tilt.

The top things to avoid when you want to become a professional soccer or sports bettor and make money for a living are listed as follows:

1. Try not to become greedy. When you are on this slope it is really easy to fall and you can destroy everything you have already built. I have seen many successful bettors who became greedy and started wishing for more and more. With one risky step taken, you can lose everything you have earned. The mental pressure of losing is also huge. When you lose big, your mind thinks that the only way to recoup the loss is by betting more. WRONG! When you are at this point, your mind won’t think by the normal parameters and you will be betting with high risks and there is a high chance of not getting back the winnings that you are chasing after.

2. After a big loss you will always try to gain back what you have lost. Again wrong. In order for you to get back the losses, you will have to bet more and it will get riskier. Try to set up your limits and manage losses by stopping when you have lost a certain amount. When you have lost, do something else to keep your mind off the betting arena. If you really want to make a living out of sports / soccer betting you will have to be disciplined and set your own limits and that’s how you can actually make a living out of betting.
3. Bet on a sport that you really like to watch and know a lot about. I am saying this because your knowledge and love of the game is going to come in pretty handy for your betting career. It will be a lot easier for you to analyze a game that you love watching and know the rules. On the contrary, if you do not know about the sport you are betting on then it becomes a little difficult to place your bet. Not knowing the rules of the sport you are betting not only place you in a fix but also blocks you from reversing your bid depending on the game situation.
4. If you want to be successful as a sports bettor, you need to take it as a profession. Like any other regular job you need to spend time on analyzing, reading and watching the sports you are going to bet on. You also need to research online about the facts and recent events to keep yourself updated about latest happenings in the particular sport you are betting on.
5. Don’t dwell on your success or cry out big for your failure. This isn’t going to help you in the long run. Celebrating your success is good but if you linger on about the success in the past then you might get end up losing big time in the present. So, don’t get carried away by the success or don’t get bogged down by the failure.

Being a day-to-day gambler is hard. If you wonder if it is possible to earn a living from gambling then the answer is yes. But you have to learn some strategies; you have to learn how to read statistics and much more. If you are ready to give a shot about this new profession, then you have to treat it as like a regular job. You will have to work on statistics, watch some matches and so on.

The main advantages of gambling, betting for a living is that you are your own boss and you decide when to work and how to work. You want a day off? No problem, you got it. You have to have patience and dedication to succeed as a bettor.

Once you achieve the necessary qualities you need to become a fully professional gambler then you can live large with money that you always dreamt to have.

Make a living from betting
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